Book club


Travel through the pages of this month’s book club reads.

Eye For An Eye by MJ Arlidge

There are only nine criminals in the UK who, due to the atrocity of their crimes and for their own safety, have been granted lifelong anonymity. But what if someone exposes their identities to the families of their victims … family who are desperate for revenge? In Eye For An Eye, MJ Arlidge gives a fictional version of this truth … that criminals are hiding in plain sight. Making everyone a suspect. Anyone could be a killer. Who deserves justice? And who gets to decide. A cracking, 500+ page chilling read. Orion

The Girls of Summer by Katie Bishop

A summer love affair on a remote Greek island, between teenager Rachel and a man almost 20 years her senior. A man she’s never forgotten, never fallen out of love with, despite being married to someone else. But a chance meeting with an old friend forces her to re-examine her memories of that golden summer, and confront the truth about the relationship, and about her time working for an enigmatic and wealthy man on the island. In The Girls of Summer, Katie Bishop asks ‘what if everything you remember was a lie?’, and explores the unsettling and complicated nature of memory and trauma, power and consent, victimhood and shame. Penguin

Kill For Me Kill For You by Steve Cavanagh

Two strangers meet by chance. Two women who are both desperate for revenge against the men who they say destroyed their families. Over drinks in a New York bar, they come up with the perfect plan. One will kill for the other. And vice versa. Could it be the perfect murder plan? Steve Cavanagh’s Kill For Me Kill For You … a thriller with twists that you just don’t see coming. Headline

A Game of Lies by Clare Mackintosh

They say the camera never lies. But on this reality TV show, you can’t trust anything you see. Set in the Welsh mountains, it’s all about exposing – and keeping – secrets, with stakes higher than the seven contestants taking part could ever have imagined. Clare Mackintosh’s DC Ffion Morgan thriller A Game of Lies has twists on twists…it’ll keep you guessing until the last page. Little Brown