3 tips to keep your pets calm and stress-free


Crowded places, fireworks, thunderstorms or vet visits – certain situations may cause stress and anxiety for your fur babies, which in turn can lead to loads of barking, whining, shaking, shedding and even destruction as they try to get away from the stressor.

Help your dogs and cats deal with potentially stressful situations and bring more zen into their lives with these calming tips:  

Avoid high-stress situations: If your pet doesn’t fare well in crowded or noisy environments, consider alternative arrangements. Instead of taking them to busy places, restaurants, or parties, opt for quieter and more pet-friendly settings. This proactive approach can prevent unnecessary stress and discomfort for your furry companion.

Give your pets the calming aids they need to get them through stressful situations with ease. Source: Bob Martin

Create safe spaces: For particularly anxious pets, creating a safe and familiar environment at home can work wonders. Providing a comfortable and quiet space where they can retreat when they feel overwhelmed allows them to self-soothe and reduces stress.

Calming tablets, collars or spot-ons: These calming aids can be a great help to manage stress and anxiety in your pets, whether it’s due to loud noises, unfamiliar environments, or changes in routine. You might need to try a few different options or combine a couple of aids until you find what works for your pet. It might be combining an anxiety jacket or shirt with some calming tablets and leaving them in a closed room with some relaxing music playing. Test what works. Try: We love Bob Martin’s Calmcare Range

If store-bought calming aids are not making a difference, it might be time to visit the vet.