Fun and quirky ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day


Boring of the same old traditions when it comes to Valentine’s Day? Here are a few ideas to set aside the usual and infuse a touch of uniqueness into your celebrations this year.

Valentine’s Day is usually about romantic love, but let’s see it differently this time around. Your Valentine doesn’t have to be a romantic one; it can be anyone important to you. Below are a few easy and fun ideas to celebrate with whoever means a lot to you, no matter what kind of relationship you have.

Pal-entine (Best Friend):
Take your pal-entine on a surprise outing to their favourite spot or try something new together, like an interactive cooking class or a fun outdoor activity. Who knows, you might discover a shared talent for making your own pasta or glow in the dark mini golf!

Organise a home comedy night with a lineup of his favourite stand-up specials or comedy movies. It’s a playful way to enjoy a good laugh together and create some memorable moments.

Surprise her with a breakfast in bed that includes not only delicious treats but also love notes or personalised coupons for acts of kindness. To add an extra touch of warmth, gift her a cute Valentine’s Day mug filled with coffee strong enough to kick start her day! Earn some serious brownie points by gifting her a fragrance like White Lace from Gold Series, with notes of red tulips and roses, this fragrance is sure to get her to fall in love with you all over again.

Declare it a board game bonanza night with the entire family. Dust off those classic board games or try out some new ones like ‘Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza’. Just be prepared for fierce competition, a few strategic alliances, and maybe some good-natured cheating! It’s a guaranteed way to turn family time into a riot of fun and laughter.

Spend quality time crafting together. Create personalised jewellery, paint canvases, or try your hand at other creative projects. As a gift, surprise her with a charm bracelet – a cute and stylish accessory that adds a touch of flair to her collection. To make the day even more special for both of you, plan a pamper session, with homemade facemasks, manicures and pedicures. By the end of the day, you’ll not only have a masterpiece but also the most relaxed and pampered daughter in town!

Embark on an epic sci-fi movie marathon with your son. Get some of the best intergalactic movies like Guardians of the Galaxy and Men In Black or explore some classic space adventures like Star Wars. Consider surprising him with an item from his favourite sci-fi franchise. It could be a Star Wars poster that he can hang in his room, a replica prop, or even a cool piece of clothing.

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