8 affordable essentials for your home gym setup


Exercise for free from the comfort of your home by simply investing in a couple of key items to help you create your own home gym without spending a fortune on expensive equipment.

Ready to exercise? Let’s go:

Adjustable workout step: A workout step takes up very little space that you can use as part of a circuit routine or get your heart pumping. Choose a workout step with a non-slip surface and adjustable height to suit your personal needs. Alternative: Use a sturdy wooden box, crate or stairs.

Motivating music: Create a great workout playlist with your favourite high-energy songs. Music may alleviate stress, raise your spirits and take your mind off how many minutes you have left. Alternative: Turn on the radio or find your favourite music on an app or streaming website.

Timer or stopwatch: This is an essential tool for interval training. A stopwatch also keeps you on track with how long your workout lasted or how long you were running for. Alternative: Use the stopwatch function on your smartphone or a clock in your home.

Skipping rope: Have fun while doing a great cardio workout with a skipping rope. They also come in handy as a stretching strap to help improve your flexibility. Alternative: Any long piece of rope will do or simply jump on the spot.

Dumbbells: Remember to choose the right weight for you: Good form with a lighter weight can create better results than bad form with a heavier weight. Alternative: Anything that you can pick up safely, such as cans of baked beans or full water bottles. 

Yoga mat: You don’t have to practise yoga to use a yoga mat. They are perfect for push-ups, sit-ups and work great as a non-slip, clean surface for exercising when you’re on-the-go. Alternative: A padded surface, like a carpet or a towel.

Medicine ball: There are many effective upper and lower body exercises that you can do with a medicine ball. Alternative: A basketball or football. Even without the added weight, you can still do many movements to help improve your coordination.

Resistance band: A resistance band is another fantastic piece of portable fitness equipment for when you are on the road! They are practical, lightweight and easy to use. Alternative: A piece of soft rope or a rolled towel can work well for basic exercises. Don’t use tubing or rubber bands that are not designed for fitness, as they could snap and cause an injury.

Remember to hydrate well while exercising, and to give your body the necessary protein and energy boost with a healthy Herbalife smoothie after your workout.