Finding the best Easter hiding spots in your home


Finding new spots to hide your children’s Easter Eggs can be tricky, especially if you have lived in the same home for some time. 

To help homeowners get creative with their egg hunts this year, RE/MAX of Southern Africa shares some fun tips on how to find the best hiding spots in your home…

  • Find the corners that are typically overlooked during your everyday cleaning routines. Not only will this give you a chance to rearrange things to clean those hard-to-reach places (like underneath the couch or fridge), but it will also offer a myriad of out-of-sight hiding spots.
  • Avoid the places that have any breakables. In the rush and excitement of the hunt, it is easy for things to get knocked over. You might even want to consider setting up an “exclusion zone” that will be off limits during the festivities.
  • To make things more challenging, set them up for a wild goose chase by making it appear as though eggs are hidden somewhere that they aren’t. Scatter the cushions to make it seem like they were moved or leave a wardrobe door slightly open to make it seem like somebody was in there.
  • Make sure that none are hidden within reach of pets. Either section off a space in which to keep your pet during the Easter Egg hunt, or make sure that all treats have been hidden off the ground and away from sneaky snouts.
  • Before hiding anything in desk drawers, be sure to remove sharp objects such as scissors or a craft knife. Also be sure not to hide anything near harmful chemicals that could be knocked over in all the excitement.
  • Last but not least, make a list of where you hid all the treats to make sure that are forgotten and left to rot in the hiding place.

“Finding hiding spots might be a fun way to keep the children amused, but it also allows us an opportunity to take a closer look at our spaces and possibly notice a few areas that need maintenance or repairs. When hiding your Easter Eggs this year, make a mental note of the things that need to be repaired within the near future so that you can keep on top of your home maintenance,” recommends Adrian Goslett, the regional director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa.

For those who have exhausted all the good Easter hiding spots within the home, it might be time to start the house hunt this April instead. For more real estate advice or to get in touch with your nearest RE/MAX Office, visit thier website.