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Spice-up your feasts with new Seven Colours Grill Seasoning ™!

Sundays are famous for a table overflowing with Mom’s seven colour family feast. Spicy grilled meats, tangy potato salad, crunchy coleslaw, sweet and sour beetroot – everything just tastes better on a Sunday! Now you can bring the joy of Sunday into every meal, every day, with Seven Colours Grill Seasoning ™.

You can use Seven Colours Grill Seasoning ™ to spice-up anything from sides to mains, from breakfasts to braais, and everything in between… A seasoning for every season, versatile new Seven Colours Grill Seasoning ™ is a spicy addition to your kitchen that’ll add extra flavour to any dish or snack. Toss a little on your sliced biltong for added zest, marinade your braai meats, make your roast chicken taste extraordinary, add a depth of flavour to your mac-n-cheese, season your stews and curries, or sprinkle a little on your salad.

Available in a handy, resealable foil pack to retain freshness, Seven Colours Grill Seasoning ™ is proudly produced in South Africa by Deli Spices and is available at selected supermarkets such as Pick n PayMy SPAROK Foods and other leading independent stores and butcheries.

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