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Only a stroke away from perfection

Many beauticians will tell you that the amazing makeup products you may (or may not) have spent a fortune on are nothing unless you have the right beauty tools to apply them with. But with what seems like a million different makeup brushes to choose from, it can be hard to sift through all the options and find the very best options for your needs.

It is such a let-down when your makeup brushes don’t hold up, they loose their hair and do not keep their shape after being washed.

With the help of beauty guru Soné Dekker we found the perfect set of brushes. Soné uses it herself and says she won’t use anything else.

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She gave us a glimpse of which brush to use where …..

The foundation brushes are typically dense and can be pinched flat (like a paintbrush) or full, rounded, and dome-shaped. While using a foundation brush for your liquid makeup is optional (you can opt for a sponge or your clean fingers instead), you absolutely do need to use some sort of application brush for your mineral or powder or powder foundation. For a perfectly smooth foundation application start in the middle of your face (cheeks and T-zone) and blend your foundation outward in smooth, even strokes to prevent harsh makeup lines around the edges of your jawline and hairline.

Then we get to the concealer brush

Think of concealer brushes as small-scale foundation brushes. Whether you’re looking to pack on the product under your eyes or cover up a bright-red zit, these synthetic brushes are ideal for targeting small, specific areas that you want concealed. Dab the tip of the brush into a tiny amount of concealer, then gently tap or pat the brush on your zits, your under eyes, whatever. After the area has been covered, blend out the edges while being careful not to wipe away the rest of the concealer.

One of our favourites is the powder brush

If shiny T-zones or under-eye creases are your main annoyance, then meet your new best friend  …. setting powder … and, along for the ride, powder brushes. Depending on the area you’re looking to cover, the size of this brush varies from small to large and typically has long, dense, fluffy bristles. It’s meant to ever-so-lightly “set” your liquid/cream foundations or buff and blend out powder foundations, depending on your needs. Use the fluffy bristles to pick up a fine layer of loose powder and dust it over your T-zone and under your eyes.

Bronzer/Blush brush

Bronzer or blush, and powder brushes are similar enough that one could do the job of many, yes, but who has the time to clean them between each step. Find a bronzer and/or blush brush with long, fluffy bristles and a dome shape to evenly diffuse your powder pigments. The fluffier it is, the less product it will pick up (which is ideal when you want a wash of color).

When it comes to bronzer and blush, the way you use the brush is almost more important than the brush itself. For bronzer, loosely sweep the brush in a ‘3’ pattern, starting from your forehead, cutting across your cheekbones, then moving back out and down to your jawline. For blush, lightly swirl the product on the apples of your cheeks and blend it up into your cheekbones.

 Contour with the right brush

The slanted bristles of a contour brush make it easier to blend your contour powder cleanly and precisely beneath your cheekbones. Use a brush with blunt bristles and a sharp edge for a sharp contour, or use one with a softer slanted shape for a subtle contour. Swirl the brush into your contour powder, tap off the excess then gently glide the brush back and forth below your cheekbones to emphasize your natural contours.

There is so much you can do with the right brush. Soné is always happy to share tips and show you how to ‘brush’ up yourself before your hot date.

Meraki Studio has beautiful brush sets available for only R400 each.

Contact Soné on 079 026 3436.

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