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A little ‘fizzy’ … here is a great energy booster

The end of 2019 is winking, and we know everyone is tired after this hectic year. We decided to try, NRF CalMag Fizzy with added Vitamin D,  a lime flavoured, effervescent tablet which when dissolved in water, is easily absorbed by the body to see if it will carry us through the day. And surely it did.

NRF CalMag fizzy is suitable for the most sensitive of digestive systems and can be taken before, during and after pregnancy to ensure the developing baby receives enough calcium from the mother.

Calcium is vital in building and maintaining strong, healthy bones, nails and teeth but if taken on its own, it may be lacking because the body often has difficulty in absorbing it.  The added Vitamin D in NRF CalMag helps with the absorption of calcium and the Magnesium helps with improving bone mass and maintaining bone density. Calcium assists in treating health problems such as headaches, migraines, depression, stress, anxiety, sore muscles, muscle spasms, heat exhaustion, IBS, arthritis, osteoporosis and helps strengthen bones, teeth and nails.  If one has a Magnesium deficiency, it can cause stress, anxiety, fatigue and muscle cramps, so it is an important mineral for athletes or people on the go.  NRF CalMag Fizzy may also assist those who suffer from a compromised immune system and it can be safely taken by diabetics.

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*Please note that if taking chronic medication, it is wise to check with your medical practitioner for guidance before taking any supplement.

NRF CalMag Fizzy is available from Dis-Chem, Clicks and independent pharmacies for around R55.


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