The next top model

Jenna Woker and Pamela Niemand

Aspiring models from across the country recently got together at Time Square for the glamorous finale of Top Model South Africa. The event oozed glitz and glamour and finalists from across the country got to showcase their beauty and talent. Managing director for Top Model South Africa, Johan Ungerer said the brand is all about upliftment, giving back, supporting the youth and creating opportunities. CANSA South Africa was one of the organisations that played a role in the success of the event. Ungerer said: “A certain amount raised from the event will be going back to the CANSA foundation and creating opportunities within the brand.”

Supporters, fans of the brand and members of the public got to join in the fun and many got to experience a fashion show, with all the bells and whistles, for the very first time. Ariana Stark from Pretoria North and Tiaan Kleinhans from Johannesburg walked away with the coveted titles of Top Model South Africa 2020.



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