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Rinél Day celebrates a decade in the music industry with a new album and single!

After six years long years, fans of singing sensation Rinél Day are finally rewarded for their patience and loyalty with the release of her brand-new album and second single from this new album that will most certainly cause quite a stir in the local music industry!

Ek het opgestaan, her third studio album, can mainly be described as Afrikaans Country with a Pop twist, and it differs a lot from what she used to sing in the past. ‘The album is a combination of Country and Pop music. There are moving songs like ‘Jy’t My Gered’ with beautiful Country elements that will capture the heart, while other tracks will make you want to get up and dance,’ Rinél shares enthusiastically.

‘I started working on the content of the album in 2016 and asked other writers’ opinions on some of the songs. Werner Beukes recorded the album in Cape Town at the beginning of the year.’ 

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The album consists of fifteen tracks, specially formulated to complement her soothing voice. Rinél wanted to select music that fans could relate to and believes that Jy’t My Gered and Hier Om Te Bly will be very popular, just like the first single taken from this album, Ek Het Opgestaan.

Rinél drew a lot of inspiration for the music on the album from her own life. ‘The songs I write are based on true events and emotions. The title track basically shares how I rose from brokenness and got to where I am now. ‘Gyselaar’ is about my divorce and ‘Jy’t My Gered’ was written for my fiancé who saved me from the darkness of depression,” she explains. ‘I want my album to give listeners hope that they are able to reclaim and enjoy their lives, no matter what happened in the past.’

Breek die mure af, the second single to be released off the new album, has just been released and is going to spread like wildfire. This song, written by Werner Beukes, Johan Brummer (Fatman) and Marius Strydom, is about how we are all willing to let our guard down and trust the one that we love.

She immediately fell in love with this upbeat pop song after hearing it for the first time: ‘Although I am known for my upbeat dance music, this song exceeded my expectations because it showcases my voice in a whole new way. It is nice to step out of my comfort zone and show listeners another side of myself.’

The artist believes that listeners will be able to relate to the lyrics. ‘We should not let hard times get the best of us. Love is such a wonderful thing and I hope that this song will make listeners see it in a different way,’ she says. ‘The song invites you to sing along and have fun and it is such a privilege to be able to share it with my fans.’

Her latest release follows in the successful footsteps of the titular track, Ek het opgestaan, which is still on top of the charts of various radio stations across the country and achieved numerous number one positions on numerous stations. The music video can also currently be seen on TV.

This beautiful brunette comes from a very musical family and has always been encouraged to follow her dreams. At the age of seventeen, she had her first gig in a small pub in Benoni, which officially launched her music career.

When she’s not busy conquering hearts on stage, she is busy writing songs and creating content for her blog, My Millennial Blog, which aims to provide beauty tips and advice on how to look good on a limited budget.

Rinél Day’s new album is a collection of rhythmic feel-good music that is soft on the ear, and makes you look forward to social gatherings and dance parties. Her unique approach and sugary-sweet voice are like a fresh breeze in a genre that can be very ordinary.

Her new album, Ek Het Opgestaan, is now available online.

Download it here.

Follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Image: Donovan Roets.

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