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An easy guide to summer skincare

Summer is around the corner, and you can have the perfect skin to match!

We’ve gone from the harsh winter cold to drastic heat in a matter of weeks, and we expect our skin to adapt and remain in tip-top form to avoid the embarrassing breakdown or annoyingly obvious pimple here and there.

We chat to Mariette and Carla, owners of SkinPhD Queenswood Quarter, who gave us their top tips for summer-ready skin!

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Wash your face properly – It’s important to remove excess oil, dirt, and sweat daily. Exfoliating is one of those things you should do no matter the season. If you said you should be exfoliating less in the summer, you are correct! In the winter our skin needs to be exfoliated two to three times a week depending on your sensitivity. However, in the summer when our skin is being exposed to the sun much more regularly, removing the top layer of dead skin can be counterproductive.

Lighten up your skin-care routine – Less is more when it comes to a summer glow. The heat and humidity of summer mean you can swap out a heavier cleanser (think cream or oil cleanser) in favour of a gentle, foaming option. Trade lipsticks for a lighter tinted lip moisturizer too.

Know your skin type – For example, if your skin is oily, choose non-comedogenic products that are formulated to not block pores. When you hit 30 your estrogen levels begin to drop and your cell turnover slows down, making your skin less tight and elastic, causing dryness and leading to some acne flare-ups.

Cut down your tub time – Keep showers short, around four to five minutes. Over-showering, or showering in water that is too hot, can lead to over-drying your skin, leading to inflammation and even summertime eczema.

Love the shade – Frequent sun exposure dehydrates the skin, which over time causes it to produce more oil and block pores. Stay in the shade – it’s as simple as that. Besides your typical summer attire of wearing sun-protective clothing, wide-brim hats, and sunglasses in the sun, we highly recommend you be mindful and expose as little of your body as possible to direct sunlight.

Hydrate with water – Staying hydrated is important as your body may send a signal to your skin’s oil glands to produce more oil if it is feeling dehydrated which furthermore leads to breakouts. Dehydration also gives your skin a dull appearance and promotes inflammation and redness. Drinking enough water can also help you combat a variety of skin issues including psoriasis and eczema. It does this by helping your digestive system flush out toxins from the body.

Keep your diet in check – Avoid greasy, oily foods! As you get older, your body requires more love and attention to what you put in it! Grapefruit is filled with lycopene, a chemical that helps keep the skin smooth and protects it. Broccoli is rich in Vitamins A and C which keeps the skin healthy and maintains collagen production.

Don’t touch your face! Your hands touch multiple items during the day and are in constant contact with grime and bacteria. Each time you touch your face, some of those pore-clogging impurities may get transferred to your skin and cause pimples. Keep an extra small bottle of hand sanitiser or wet-wipes in your handbag – it’ll definitely come in handy.

SPF – Sunscreen! Let SPF become your best friend this summer. May you enjoy countless outings together, days in the park, and may your bond be as close as Chuck and Blair’s. It is important to note that sunscreen needs to be reapplied every couple of hours, so make sure to pack extra sunscreen for long summer days outdoors.

What product/treatment do you recommend for breakouts? We suggest a ‘Skin Perfect Deep Cleanse’. This facial in particular helps treat impure skin. It includes steam, extractions and our new biotechnology Brightening mask to soothe the skin.

How often should one have this treatment? At least once a month! Make it a part of your monthly skincare routine. Healthy skin requires commitment and dedication.

Details: Mariette or Carla from SkinPhD Queenswood on 087 898 1078.

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