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Tenacious, smart, and with an extensive list of qualifications and achievements to her name, holistic healer Ruqaya Kalla is all about kindness, love and a generous dose of positive vibes.

A pandemic. Job losses. Losing loved ones. Financial constraints. We’re surrounded by so much uncertainty, sadness and negativity. Will this ever end? Did someone steal the light at the end of the tunnel?

And then … you meet Ruqaya Kalla, who – despite all of this – radiates so much positive energy and gratitude, you almost want to box it and spread it across the world.

A successful entrepreneur and an intuitive and holistic healer, Ruqaya has spent years sharpening her skills and training across the globe. She specialises in intuitive holistic healing,  neurolinguistic programming, personal growth coaching, is a body talk practitioner and access bars facilitator. She also uses all of these skills in her practice – a high-performance life coach for adults and children. Her clients, by the way, range from famous actors to musicians. On top of this, she is also a mother of five. Some of whom she’s been busy homeschooling over lockdown.  Good grief. How does she do it?

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Easy. ‘Live life one day at a time’.

‘Go with the flow. Take each day as it comes, live in the present moment and remember to be grateful for every little thing.’ And, she says, if you feel you have nothing to be grateful for because you feel something is wrong in your life, then you start from the bottom. ‘Do you have legs? Arms? Eyes?

‘Yes? Then be grateful for that. Or take a look in the mirror. Everyone takes the little things for granted. We complain about getting stuck in traffic, but forget that we have a car to drive. We complain about our families when there are so many who have lost theirs and wish for one more day with them.

‘Gratitude, no matter how small, breeds abundant blessings.   However, I also stress gratitude for life’s lessons. Without them, there will be no growth.’

On top of everything else, Ruqaya’s also one of the authors in a bestselling book – Ignite The Modern Goddess – which launched worldwide last year.

‘I was honoured to be asked to be one of the authors – one of a group of amazing women from all walks of life. At times I second-guessed myself … It was lockdown and I had to homeschool the kids. But, being loyal I felt I couldn’t let everyone down. The book revolves around the fast-paced modern world and how many women have forgotten how they, in their natural state, can overcome anything with ease and grace; that their beauty and self-worth shouldn’t depend on other people’s opinions. My chapter is about receiving. A lot of women struggle with receiving … whether it is a compliment, gift or even if someone wants to pay the bill for them. As givers, we immediately feel guilty and overcompensate, instead of just taking it in. Do you know that you’re actually robbing people of the opportunity to do something nice for you, something that will make them feel good as well?

‘So next time, when you find yourself on the receiving side, do not brush it off. Take it in (but like really) and just say thank you.’

When Ruqaya is not studying new ideas, theories and practices, or seeing clients, she can be found taking off to exciting new locations.

Although she often used to travel between New York and SA for work, and says New York is like her second home, it is obviously not possible at the moment.

‘I’ve been fortunate to have seen quite a bit of the world. Iceland and its natural beauty is breathtaking and also my favourite so far. The Maldives is also very exquisite and the energy there is just something else. I would love to travel to Peru to climb Mount Machu Picchu. Then again, I would like to see every country in the world at least once.’

‘I live by the mantra that travel is the only thing that costs money but leaves you richer. People say that I must find it so hard because I cannot travel now. No, why must it be hard? Or feel bad and upset about it? Simply put, it is what it is. I live in the now, and it is not possible to travel now, so I’ve accepted it.

‘With 2021 barely having started, it remains evident that looking after our health and well-being is a priority more than ever before.

‘The first person you need to value and appreciate is yourself. We’ve been told by society not to be selfish and arrogant. I do feel that we actually misunderstand and take that statement too literally. Taking care of yourself is not selfish, but a priority. Before your flight takes off, you are told that if the masks drop, to put it on yourself first before helping anyone else. So if you don’t take care of yourself, how are you going to take care of those around you?

Only when you prioritise your own well-being, will you be able to go out and help those around you.’

Quick facts …

Her greatest challenge is procrastination.

She spoils herself with facial treatments and splurges on skincare products.

Her motto in life is to give out love wherever you go.

She loves make-up, and her favourite item is Too Faced Born This Way concealer.

She can dance, and holds a note when singing.

You can make her day with a bunch of roses. Any colour but yellow.

She wants to go skydiving.

There are three books she thinks changed her life … Robin Sharma’s The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari; Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins, and Becoming Supernatural by Dr   Joe Dispenza.

Make 2021 your best

Work smart

Give every opportunity a chance

Take time to meditate or pray

Be consciously grateful for every single little thing

Be flexible

Be present with your family

Make sure to take time for self-care (nature walks, a good book, series or treatment you enjoy)

Details: ruqayakalla.com or follow her on Instagram @ruqayakalla.

* Text: Rialien Furstenberg. • Photographer: Jaco Bothma. • Make-up: Elaine Boshoff.

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