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The pre-loved fashion market is hot – here’s what you need to know

The pre-loved fashion market is booming. And with good reason. It’s a bit like a treasure hunt … discovering gems at a fraction of the price you’d pay in stores. Plus you’re promoting sustainable fashion. So all in all, a win-win situation.

Is your wardrobe overflowing? Do you suffer from buyer’s guilt over too many brand-new-with-tag pieces pushed to the side? Perhaps you just know it’s time to say goodbye to clothes you’ve grown out of love with. The solution? Sell them! Besides anything else, who wouldn’t want extra bucks at the end of the day? On the other hand, you may be looking for something special, but can’t find it in store, nor do you want to spend too much. The solution? Pre-loved. But if you’re not sure where to start, here we go. Aune Aunapuu, CEO and Founder of Yaga.co.za, the fastest growing mobile app in the country for buying and selling pre-loved fashion online, shares these fashion-insider tips.

Tips for selling your pre-loved items online

  • Declutter your wardrobe. Sell your pre-loved fashion items to make extra cash! Separating fashion items into three categories – keep, donate or sell, and then list the sell items on a resale platform like Yaga.
  • Listing description is crucial. Choose the right category and provide true, accurate details such as the name. For example: skirt, size, condition, brand name, colour and characteristics (like oversized fit/ extra soft material).
  • It’s all about the images. Take close up and full-length photos of clean, ironed items in natural light, using a neat background, and lay out the items beautifully or wear them to provide a better idea of the fit.
  • Right price point. Set a reasonable price. Selling second-hand creates a certain expectation … the item must be priced considerably lower than the retail price to create value for the buyer.
  • Luxury brands. When selling items from brands that are considered luxury such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Guess and Dior, state in the description that the items
    are authentic.
  • Market your listing. Let your friends know by posting on Facebook or sharing an Instagram (IG) story – if you tag @yaga_za, it might be shared on Yaga’s official IG account. You can also add a clickable shop link to your IG profile under ‘ Website’ and in Facebook in your  ‘About’ section, and share your listings to buy and sell groups on Facebook.
  • Seasonal posting. Post items according to the seasons, such as winter jackets, boots and scarves in autumn for the upcoming winter months and the summer bathing suits, sundresses or sandals in spring.
  • Communication is key. Keep your buyers informed, especially about delivery. If you know there might be a delay in responses or deliveries, add this info to your shop description and message all buyers waiting for shipments.

  • The Yaga app is free to download, so pop over to www.yaga.co.za.
  • Nine per cent commission from a successful sale goes to Yaga. This means that opening a shop and adding items is completely free. Yaga only earns when their users earn.
  • Get Inspired! For inspiration and examples of great listings, check out these top selling Yaga users: Kiss Blush and Tell, Daniela Canny , Marijke Bezuidenhout , Babalwa Ndlwana and Ms Paula B. Details: yaga.co.za

Buying? Here is what you need to know

  • List the brands you love. Do this before starting your online search. Using search filters on pre-loved platforms to find only these brands keeps your online shopping focused and within budget.
  • Know your measurements. When shopping online, you can’t try on the clothes, so check your bust, hip and waist sizes. If you’re unsure about the measurements of an item, ask the seller!
  • Know your style. Narrow down your search by knowing what looks good on you, what styles flatter your body shape and which colours best suit your skin tone.
  • Double check the listing. Carefully read the listing description before buying to avoid any surprises when it arrives.
  • Ask your questions beforehand. If there’s anything you’re hesitant about, ask the seller – Yaga has a convenient chat option inside the app.
  • Prefer protected payments. Check out the buyer protection system of the ecommerce platform before purchasing. Give preference to a safe payment system such as Yaga, that only transfers the money to the seller when the buyer confirms receipt.
  • Check the return policy. Check the return policy before you buy, as it varies from seller to seller. Some platforms will refund you if items are not delivered or differ significantly from the photos or descriptions.
  • Be patient. In these uncertain times, shipping items might be difficult and could be delayed due to the shipping provider. When in doubt, reach out to your seller about the delivery time.
  • Spread the love. Small businesses and local entrepreneurs need our collective support more than ever.
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