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Stylish prints and trendy, unique products for modern parents

It was while they were pregnant with their own children that sisters-in-law Carla Ashton and Angela Otto realised something was missing. After scouring the stores for stylish, unique baby products they both felt disappointed and uninspired.

And so, their online store, Chloe Connor & Co (named after their now two-year-old children) was born. “Our range is full of fresh, modern children’s lifestyle products. Things we could never find ourselves while we were planning our own nurseries. From picnic blankets to hooded towels, baby grows and baby donuts – all in the most beautiful prints and fabrics which we design and print ourselves.”

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Taking a year to perfect their brand, Carla and Angela aimed to appeal to other moms who struggled to find things they liked, while at the same time staying true to what they loved and would buy for their own babies. After going back and forth with designs, colours and concepts until they were one hundred percent happy with their product, the moms launched to the modern mom late last year.

Manufactured locally, Chloe Connor & Co products are printed on high quality fabrics, some of which are waterproof, making them more hygienic and durable. 

“We design everything ourselves – from the pattern to the fabric base cloth to the pantone colours that will go with the range – and then we get the fabrics printed which is quite a process as each fabric is different and has a different printing process. Once the fabrics are printed this then gets sent to the factory where our products are manufactured.”

Both women are also highly successful entrepreneurs outside of their shared business. Carla owns a proudly South African handbag manufacturing company called Thandana Bag Co, which started in 2010 and Angela (who is married to Carla’s twin brother) recently started a South African linen wear range with her other sister in-law, called ELULA.

Aiming to be a one-stop online shop for moms and moms-to-be, Carla and Angela also source other well-known brands to sell on their website including the Yorba Organics skincare range, Sleepyheads and of course Thandana Bags.

“We hope to become a well-known brand in the industry and want to see our products stocked in baby stores nationwide. Our goal is for the business to always stay on trend and offer something unique and of the best quality! We are constantly keeping our eyes and ears open for new overseas trends, whether it be a new product or new trending designs for our fabrics. Ultimately we hope to grow the business enough so that maybe one day our own little Chloe and Connor can take over.”

Details: 031-5027336, www.chloeconnorco.com, @ChloeConnorCo on Instagram, www.facebook.com/chloeconnorco

Text: Monique De Villiers-Delport


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