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Jam-packed with activities and fantastic food to boot . . .

Over the past six years North Coasters have seen Sugar Rush evolve into the fun-filled adventure park it is today. Jam-packed with activities and fantastic food to boot . . . if you’re looking for somewhere to spend quality time outdoors with your family, this is the place.

Once you arrive at Sugar Rush Park just outside Ballito, chances are you’re not going to want to leave in a hurry. In fact, a family could easily spend an entire day there and everyone (including dad) will be kept entertained.

Sugar Rush Park opened in 2013 with just a few people ambling in on weekends or stopping by to watch the Ballito Dolphins play rugby at the adjacent field.

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Nowadays though, literally hundreds of people descend on the park, both during the week and on weekends, to enjoy the great food at The Digs Kitchen restaurant, the cycling and running trails and the many, many activities on offer.

And, because it’s located in a farm-like setting with rolling grass, a winding forest, cycling and skateboarding pump track and a massive kids’ playground, there is more than enough space for the kids to run wild while you sit back and enjoy the open air and a great cup of coffee.


From indulgent treats to super healthy meals and great kids’ options, The Digs Kitchen offers a varied menu with a selection of yummy, fresh-from-the-earth meals to suit all palates. Co-owned by the shareholder of the park and businessman Bryan Pietersen and managed by The Digs Kitchen brand owners James Kriel and Caron Botha,

The Digs Kitchen moved to Sugar Rush Park six months ago. “Our goal is to offer a balanced selection of meals, because life is all about balance. You can choose one of our really healthy dishes, or opt to enjoy something a little more decadent if you prefer,” says James, who heads up the food side of things.

When they were approached to open The Digs Kitchen at the park, James says they jumped at the opportunity. “The park has grown and continues to grow at a rapid rate. It is being taken to new heights and, because of the outdoor farm setting, it really fits our brand – which is all about focussing on wholesome food, fresh from the earth – perfectly.”

On the menu is a range of café-style breakfasts and lunches as well as ‘cleaner’ meals for the health-conscious diners. “Even the healthiest of people need the odd treat, and that’s where our pizza’s, toasties, waffles and cakes come in!” The breakfasts are amazing, and again you can opt for something super healthy, or enjoy a more decadent spoil, like their fantastic Eggs Benedict.

James and his team are proud of the fact that they source many of their ingredients locally and all the bread is supplied by local, artisan bakers, Yoli’s. “The food is really tasty, but still good for you.”

James says there are big things in the pipeline on the food front at Sugar Rush Park . . . so watch this space.
The Digs Kitchen is open from 7am to 4pm and until 7pm on Thursdays. They also open on evenings for events and offer a selection of street food takeaways.


There is so much to do at Sugar Rush Park, one hardly knows where to start. The biggest drawcard is probably the beautiful mountain biking and running trails in the surrounding forests and sugar cane fields.

Sugar Rush Park head of marketing, Justine Pietersen (whose husband Bryan is also in charge of all events at the park), says this is the perfect place for families who want to stay active together.

“Often we have dads arriving early on a Saturday morning for a ride while mom watches the kids. Then mom goes off to do the park run, and they all have breakfast together afterwards.”

When it comes to kids’ entertainment, there is simply nothing else like Sugar Rush on the North Coast. The newest, most exciting addition is without a doubt the electric train, which was built by the same engineer who created the popular train at Piggly Wiggly in the Midlands.

But that is only the beginning when it comes to the activities on offer. From the Jump Park to the Putt Putt course, Laser Rush, reptile park and petting zoo to the beautifully upgraded playground facilities    you will be hard-pressed to find a better place to let your kiddies run free on the North Coast.

The park also has newly renovated showers and loo’s (including a baby changing and feeding room).
As if that weren’t enough, Sugar Rush  also has a beauty spa, a bike shop and repair centre, a slime shop and a hair salon!

It is also a very popular venue for events, both big and small, from private birthday parties and team building get togethers to sold-out rock concerts and professional mountain bike races.

For all that it has to offer, and all that is soon to come, we really are blessed to have a park like this right on our doorstep.

Details: www.sugarrush.co.za / The Digs Kitchen: 072 455 7285 or 0791779042 / [email protected] or ja[email protected] / SRP: 060 977 9996 / [email protected]


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