Women’s Wellness for each season of your life!

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From the hottest health trends to tried-and-tested must haves for each season of your life . . . we’ve got the ultimate women’s wellness guide!

Women’s health through the decades

We all know the basic principles of staying healthy – eat well, sleep, exercise and stress less. But as women we face unique health challenges in each decades our lives and need to make adjustments accordingly. Three experts give us their advice on keeping healthy in each stage of your life.

In the mind . . .

Life coach Sharon Castle

Qualified life coach Sharon Castle has been coaching and training people for over 13 years and has been a Life Skills teacher and trainer for over thirty years. She helps us understand how a woman’s state of mind can change through the decades.

In your 20’s:

An exciting but also daunting stage of life. You are part girl and part woman and life can be confusing. Being true to oneself is probably the most important aspect of this transitional phase. Tips: Don’t take life too seriously and remember experimentation is normal at this age, but make sure you establish boundaries around who you are and don’t be swayed by the crowd or be fearful of fitting in.


In your 30’s:

This is commonly the commitment phase of life where you usually settle down and create a home.  On average, this is the time when most women desire a family or establish their identity as an important part of a unit of some sort. Careers are often put on hold to raise families, so establishing strong bonds and friendships at this stage. Tips: Nurture good friendships, stay connected and remember the only way to have good friends is to be one!

Nurture friendships in your 30’s!

In your 40’s:

As families grow and stresses increase this can often be the most challenging time of life for women as they are stretched to the limit with commitments, growing careers, raising children and supporting their partners. It can feel overwhelming with so much going on and women sometimes feel disconnected from themselves. Tips: Self-care and time out is crucial. Replenishing the soul with activities that create joy either on your own or with your tribe is the key to staying connected and keeping a balance at this stage.

In your 50’s:

Turning 50 has become a cultural highlight as mid-life takes on new meaning and maturity happens.  -life crisis is usually reserved for males, but it’s not uncommon for women to want to Children start leaving the nest and often relationships have changed.  The mid want to experience more fun and adventure.

Tips: Get up, dress up and show up! Maintain a life/work balance that is manageable. Be yourself and let go of worrying about what people think.

In your 60’s and beyond:

A golden age of acceptance and understanding, women at this stage of life no longer feel the need to please in a sacrificial way. Confidence is a natural occurrence as women fully accept who they are. Tips: Let go of the past and fall in love with life. Fully immerse yourself in projects/hobbies/work that you love and surrender to the fact that you are a beautiful and magnificent creation and nothing can change the fact that you are a “Woman phenomenally; phenomenal woman you are . . .” (with apologies to Maya Angelou).

Sharon Castle:
Life coach, lifestyle and wellness coach and transformational kinesiologist: www.sharoncastlecoaching.com. [email protected].

Text: Leah Shone