Going vegan

Veganism is more popular than ever and, for a number of reasons, people are changing to this way of eating every day. Popular East Coast Radio deejay Thandolwethu Ngidi shares a bit about her decision to follow a vegan lifestyle.
Well-known for her raw, honest and ‘real’ personality, both on and off air, Thandolwethu became a vegan five years ago.

Thandolwethu’s favourite vegan dish is brinjal curry!


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“I watched a documentary that revealed a lot about what goes into our bodies when we consume meat and how the animals are treated and I made the decision to change.

My life changed a lot, especially as it is quite taboo in the African culture to not eat meat. I lost a lot of weight and I gained a new level of self-respect for myself and my will power.

I’m very strong-willed. Once I decide to do something, I usually just do it. But this wasn’t so easy. After watching the documentary, I brought my best friend to my house and asked him to raid my deep freeze – the rest is history.”


“It is quite hard to just go all-out and stop eating meat, especially if it is a part of your everyday diet.  So, my advice would be to start slowly. Start with ‘meat-free Mondays’ and then slowly ease into it. Finding your favourite meal or restaurants to eat at can be daunting. I followed Facebook and Instagram pages where people offered suggestions on where the hottest new vegan spots were. There’s nothing worse than going out and you’re stuck eating French fries.

I love good hearty meals and being able to taste and enjoy my vegetables. This is why warm nourish bowls are one of my favourite go-to meals. However, the one meal that I just cannot get enough off is brinjal curry, it’s to die for! Vegan banana ice cream and condensed milk is my all-time favourite dessert!


Health on Broadway
Oh my Sole Café

Text: Leah Shone

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