Mount Edgecombe Country Club’s youth division is flourishing with the recent announcements of members Akhil and Kairav Maduray selected to play for the KZN U13 side and 16-year-old Amy Fletcher being chosen as the reserve for the KZN Ladies Open side.

Adding to this success, Mount Edgecombe Country Club (MECC) recently hosted for the first time ever Target36, a revolutionary on-course golf programme for kids that is systematically changing how children learn to play golf.

The first session of this national programme held at MECC, which is the latest vehicle used to grow golf in children between the ages of 6 and 13 years old, was a resounding success.

“As one of the most progressive, forward thinking country clubs and golfing residential estates in the country, we firmly believe that growing the game of golf needs to start at grass roots level,” stated Desiree Stone, CEO of Mount Edgecombe Country Club Estate and mother of Pro golfer – Brandon Stone.

“We immediately saw what a result-driven and unique programme Target36 is and that it paves the way for children to work their way up easily to a golf club member. We are delighted to be working with Target36 to grow golf in South Africa and at our club.”

According to the coordinators of Target36, this on-course challenge involves kids beginning from 25m from the green. Once they score 36 over nine holes, they move back in increments of 25m, with each stage meaning they have to pass the 36-shot target.

If you grow up thinking one or two shots on the green and 2 putts, your mind-set is immediately to go low instead of obsessing not to score 8 and 9 shots per hole.

Target36 teaches them to figure out what they need to do to progress, improve their skills and make them mentally more positive.

“Target36 has completely revolutionised the way kids learn and experience golf today,” added Micky Hough, Mount Edgecombe Country Club’s Golf Director.

“Using the backward training model, children are introduced to the course according to ability and not age. Children learn to chip and putt and then work their way back to the tee.

“So often children are introduced to golf by a family member or friend, followed by hours of frustrating “lessons” on the driving range with that family member or friend that normally doesn’t have the same rewarding end.

“To compound this frustration for kids, most golf courses are too long and difficult to play at an earlier age so ultimately we see a large number of kids losing interest before they can even learn to properly play on a golf course – until they are older and their interest is piqued again.

“We are thrilled to have partnered with Target36 to offer our youth a programme that will encourage them to play level par and to score so that each and every child can monitor his or her own progress.”

Mount Edgecombe Country Club is neatly tucked away in the rolling hills of KwaZulu-Natal North Coast. Plus, inland of Umhlanga Rocks it boasts two unique championship courses, designed around the natural lie and habitat of the land. Being ideally located for users both local and afar, Mount Edgecombe Country Club Estates has been acclaimed for many years as one of the premier golfing Estates in Southern Africa; thus giving you an overwhelming sense of tranquility, safety and enchantment.

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