We could all do with a little extra cash and we all have too much stuff cluttering up the garage, the spare room, or that cupboard no one dares to open.

Tackle that big, Spring clean out, de-clutter your life and make some serious money with Gumtree‘s ten top second-hand sellers:

  1. Computers, laptops, Macbooks and iPads are usually a quick and profitable sell if you price them right. Good condition, recent vintage iPhones will fetch R9,000+ but there’s a market for almost every make and model. Buyers are also eager for accessories.
  2. Clothing. Buying pre-owned clothing is a big global trend, and it’s good for the planet. Give your throwaways a thorough clean and some tidy-up repairs before putting them up for sale.
  3. Home appliances. Fridges are big sellers and there is a healthy trade in slow cookers, blenders and coffee machines.
  4. Baby items. If your children have moved on from the pram, the cot, the highchair and the car seat, there are plenty of budget-wise, new parents looking for exactly those things.
  5. Tools. DIY is a surprisingly robust sector online. Power tools are the best-sellers but complete tool-kits and welding equipment are also in strong demand.
  6. Bikes. The cycling craze shows no signs of slowing down. Your spare bike will readily find a buyer online (high-end second-hand mountain bikes can fetch over R20k). Bike racks are another top seller.
  7. Camping gear. We all have a camping clutter problem! Do a solid audit of what camping gear (tents, accessories, beds, chairs and cooking kit) you actually use and sell off the rest. Tent prices start at R700 and can bring in much more if they’re a new model in good condition.
  8. Furniture. Chairs, tables, beds, couches, cupboards and wall units … they all will go if you price them right and allow for transport costs.
  9. Collections. Those piles of LPs, china, silverware, stamp books, historical artifacts or whatever other trinkets you’ve been gathering over the years take up space. It might be time to sell them and make a fresh start on a new obsession!