Coffee anyone? Nothing beats a great cuppa on a . . .  well, any day of the week, really!

If you like your coffee a little milky then you’ll be thrilled to hear about Nespresso’s newest Barista Creations range.

Scuro offers the perfect balance of coffee and milk, but If you have a sweet tooth, the smooth, caramel and biscuit notes of the Chiaro are ideal for you, while the Corto is a dark, spicy and roasted punchy shot of robust coffee.

To perfect this creation, the Nespresso team tell us that around 20 000 cappuccinos were tested and over 120 coffee prototypes produced in the formulation of this range . . . pretty impressive!

The result: a range of artisan crafted coffees designed to go with milk and created to let you make a barista-style coffee at home.

Pick your favourite coffee from the new range and create a heavenly cuppa at home.

With full-fat dairy milk as well as dairy-free options like oat and almond milk available, these are definitely worth a try!