A taste of Greece!


Family, fabulous food and plate-shattering festivities . . . yes, the gregarious Greeks know how to live the good life and we love it!

Attikos (the Greek word for ‘rugged coast’) was inspired by treasured memories of fishing holidays in the beautiful crescent bay of Karystos, on the rugged coastline of a small Greek island, Evia. “We would take our catch home to cook with family, neighbours and friends. A simple family dinner would often turn into an all-night affair,” says managing partner Christos, whose father was born on the island.

Our team lunch turned into an all-afternoon affair, as Christos and his wife, Tracy, spoiled us with a never-ending medley of authentic, Mediterranean flavours. The spread of table-share meals made for the perfect lazy lunch and featured a host of traditional favourites celebrating the rich food culture of Greece. Think moreish king prawns, slow-roasted lamb shank, Mediterranean pita flat breads with delicious dips, spanakopita, coal-grilled chicken kebabs and, of course, Greek salad! What we loved most was how sociable the plate-share experience was – everyone got to taste everything, starting with succulent snacks from their Yiro Bar and slow-roasted cuts of meat from their Souvla Coal Grill. “Greek food is made to share,” says Tracy. “It is all about celebrating life and enjoying yourself in the moment.”

Accompanying the spread was a selection of stunning wines and cocktails masterfully poured at the elegant bar of the family run restaurant. While sipping on our cocktails, we admired the larger-than-life orchids (they are real, we checked) and really felt as though we were on a Greek island thanks to the tasteful, coastal-inspired décor, relaxing ambience and hospitable staff.

“We are driven by ‘philoxenia’, a sentiment literally translated as ‘friend to the stranger’, originating in ancient Greece where hospitality is a value ranking high on a list of virtues. At Attikos, we hope that everyone feels truly welcome. We are passionate about fantastic food and hospitality, about long Greek meals and about making it easy for you to relax and enjoy a celebration of sun, sea and casual dining.” Our team definitely enjoyed all those feels and more and we cannot wait to return for our next Greek feast. Opa!

Details: Contact 087 460 0231 or follow them on Instagram: @attikos_ballito or Facebook: Attikos Mediterranean Grill