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It is quite fascinating to see a drop of your blood being analysed under a microscope. In a time when many of us are suffering from ill health and chronic stress, Ballito holistic health specialist Teresa Vos is using naturopathic microscopy as a way of determining the root cause of people’s health problems and finding practical solutions to get them back to health.

Millions of people suffer from ongoing, sometimes chronic illness that they just cannot get under control. Very often though, simple lifestyle and diet changes are all that are needed to address the cause of these problems (rather than just the symptoms) and ultimately lead to happier, healthier lives.
Easier said than done though, right? Well, maybe not. A visit to Teresa’s Topform Holistic Health clinic in Ballito, we recently discovered, is a great way to get a clear and undeniable view of what is happening inside your body. And then finding a way to remedy it.

Teresa started her Topform Holistic Health, Body Scan, Lifestyle and Weight Loss Clinic more than 12 years ago and she has helped heal and transform the lives of literally hundreds of people since then.
From weight loss to bringing under control serious health problems like stress, immune challenges, insomnia, gut issues, anxiety, post-nasal drip, eczema and skin conditions and a wide range of other illnesses and ailments, Teresa says she is ultimately driven by a passion for helping others.

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Changing your eating habits and taking the correct supplement will immediately improve your health and can help bring chronic illness under control

With the use of her body scan, live blood analysis and years of experience and knowledge she is able to create specialised and individual solutions for every person she meets.
“I added the live blood analysis two years ago, mainly to help people to see for themselves the anomalies in their blood and to be able to confirm possible root causes of a number of symptoms. Some people find the answers they have been looking for for years and their families understand their health journeys better as a result.” Teresa says seeing the live blood results also helps inspire them to take the corrective measures needed to fix the problem.
An analysis starts before you even arrive for your appointment, when you complete the comprehensive health assessment questionnaire (this is optional). On the day, Teresa does an electronic body scan, which is incredibly interesting and informative and afterwards, you have a quick and painless finger prick and then the live blood screening. It’s exciting (and quite sobering) having your blood analysed right in front of you. There’s no denying science after all.


Teresa explains that toxins can lead to degradation and, in turn, trigger or are associated with chronic degenerative illnesses. “The cause of many health problems can be attributed to prolonged exposure to various toxic agents in our environment and ‘bad’ foods. Some health challenges may be related to impairments or imbalances in your body’s ability to properly detoxify and remove these toxic compounds.”

A lot of what is wrong with us, she says, can ultimately be fixed simply by eating the right foods in the right amounts and supplementing correctly. “Certain foods burden the detoxification machinery of your body, whilst other foods help the process. Your body needs to rid itself of these dangerous substances and so your ability and capacity to detoxify is of critical importance to overall holistic health.”
Teresa says, over the years, toxins build up in fat, tissues, joins and the brain, potentially leading to a variety of health concerns. And no two people are the same, which is why it’s important to ensure that you are putting the correct things into your body, for you.
“A healthy weight, nutrition and digestion play a huge role in health. Psychological and emotional stress relate directly to the gut-brain axis, linking our emotional and cognitive centres of the brain with the intestinal functions.

While her knowledge and experience are vast, one of Teresa’s strongest points is her heart for people. She genuinely cares and wants you to be healthier and happier. “My biggest wish is just to help the many desperate people out there by taking a holistic, integrative approach with functional food and medicine to address the root causes. There is an effective solution for everyone

Details: Teresa is currently offering free 15-minute consultations on an appointment basis only (in person, telephone call or on Zoom). Contact her on: [email protected]; FB and IG: TopFormSA, 082 452 7936

Text: Leah Shone

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