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Brow Raising Trends for 2021 …

“Au Naturel” is undoubtedly the way to go and I must admit, I love a clean, beautiful brow that is simultaneously unstructured and natural. I’ve never been a fan of the overly defined brow and we’re now emerging into an era where priorities have been redefined. Grooming will always be a priority. Your brows fulfil both a beauty and communicative role from a body language aspect. In this next season we’re embracing a more sophisticated yet natural look for your brows and this is an unquestionable winner, offers South Africa’s brow queen, Unaiza Suliman. With that in mind, there’s no need to “brows” any further as Unaiza offers her expert opinion on brow trends for the new year.


Bush Baby. Soap it up

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The pandemic forced us to leave our unthreaded brows to grow freely, much to the delight of beauty professionals and “brows on fleek” aficionados alike. The return of the soap brow trend – also known as the pandemic brow – boldly ushers us into 2021. We are literally squealing with delight as the fluffy brow secures its spot for the next year. With minimal maintenance required, all you need is a clean, damp spoolie brush run very lightly through your soap; this is then followed by brushing, up, out and down (the direction of your brow growth). Linked to this is the trend to have a hint of skin showing through, which is largely due to the soaps, gels and waxes used to hold the hairs in place.


This sensational trend is not new at all. This is a resurgence of a hack that was used years ago in Hollywood. In fact, this particular technique has been used by professional Drag performers who used Pritt for years to fluff up their brows and keep them looking full throughout their performances.


Brow Lamination. Fluff it up

This is such a hit at the moment. Bear in mind that this must be done by a certified professional. It’s a trend that highlights the natural brow beautifully, while of course, a professional hand has tended to your brows. Your brows hairs are gently coaxed into an upward direction, with a slicked-up appearance, resulting in a fluffier, yet more defined look. This provides the illusion of beautiful fullness while maintaining an “unstructured,” look. Essentially, this trend mimics a brow “lift,” without the pigment of microlading.


Your “Uniq” Brow

This is all you…natural, yet defined. This is an easy, sophisticated natural brow without strays that enhances your natural brow. While on the topic of a more natural brow, one will clearly see less pencil and powder resulting in less colour enhancement moving into next year.


Hyped-up Hygiene

Finally, even greater hygiene from your beauty salon must be expected. In our industry, the strictest hygiene rules have always been in place but needs to be taken one step further. Adherence to COVID-19 protocols will continue its centre stage role well into the future, so ensure your salon visits are unquestionably safe.

Details:  Unaiza the Brow Queen


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