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Bottles & bouquets … the perfect pair!

A gift of wine and flowers makes most women giddy with happiness. Now imagine being gifted a bottle and a bouquet that have been thoughtfully and carefully curated and intentionally paired up. What a special gift that would be!

The word ‘ballyhoo’ means to ‘give praise extravagantly’ and ‘make a fuss’. And that’s exactly what Kim Roberts and Teraza Blair had in mind when they came up up with the concept of pairing wine and fresh floral arrangements to create beautiful, lavish spoils.

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Their new wine and flower store, called Ballihoo, which recently opened at the Umhlanga Arch, offers customers the perfect space in which to choose a very special gift for someone in a unique, thoughtful way.

Both young mothers, Umhlanga-based Kim and Teraza, who lives in Morningside, met at their church a few years ago and have been working together ever since. Their wedding décor rental company called Crystal & Vine started in 2015, after Kim relocated to KZN from Johannesburg.

Kim, originally from Zululand, met her husband Jarred while studying in Cape Town and the couple lived overseas and in Johannesburg, where Kim worked in marketing, before settling back in KZN. Kim stepped away from corporate life and started Crystal & Vine. She now has a three-year-old son, Jack, and is pregnant with her second child.

New Zealand-born Teraza moved to South Africa 10 years ago, after meeting her pastor husband Gary. The couple have a two-year-old son named Judah.
Although the Umhlanga Arch only recently opened, Kim tells us they have been working on site with the developers for two years already. “We worked on interior project offering full turnkey furniture packages for the Arch apartments. It’s been amazing to watch the development go up,” she says.
Because they were the only two females on the team, when a retail space opened up for a florist, the developers asked Kim and Teraza for some ideas. “We sort of always knew what we wanted in the back of our heads, but we couldn’t find anyone to execute it. So, we decided do it ourselves!”

The concept is simple and very unique. Kim explains, “we wanted it to be more than just a florist, we wanted different and exciting. We both know about flowers and love wine (although we aren’t experts) and we really wanted to do something with these two passions, which we believe make people the happiest!”
So how does the pairing work? Kim says the wine and flowers are ‘paired’ in two ways. The first is simply that they are paired – or coexist – in the same space at Ballihoo. You don’t have to buy them together – can buy one or the other.
In the other way, the wine is actually ‘matched up’ with the flowers. “Wines traditionally have floral notes, so we pick up on those and the colour or character of a specific wine, and pair it with a beautiful bouquet. The result is a carefully thought-out gift that gives someone a truly sensory experience, allowing them to possibly learn something new along the way.”
Not designed to be too technical or intimidating, the pairing of the wine and flowers is aimed at allowing people to explore and try new products, Kim says.

When it comes to choosing the wine, Kim and Teraza have teamed up with a Cape Town based expert, named Jono Le Feuvre. “Jono is the head wine buyer for the Ballihoo team, while also heading up wine education and elements of content creation. If you see him in the wild, do not approach! Unless you have half an hour to have your ear chewed over the topics like the misuse of the term ‘minerality’ and the ironies of lab-produced ‘wild yeasts’. Jono is a committed beverage enthusiast, has spent a decade founding and building speciality coffee outfit, Rosetta Roastery and has spent almost as long publishing his left-field brand of wine writing on platforms like JancisRobinson.com, Timatkin.com and HanDrinksSolo.com. Whether it is coffee, wine, or the occasional bubblegum steri-stumpie, the man does nothing in half-measures (unless he’s driving).”

The true heart behind Ballihoo though, is a strong desire to bring happiness to people. “What drives us most is the bringing of joy to others. Wine and flowers make people happy and we want to encourage people to go out and enjoy life, be bold and lavish and really spoil someone, just because.”

Details: Ballihoo, Umhlanga Arch, 1 Ncondo Place, Umhlanga, @ballihoo_shop, www.ballihoo.co.za

Text: Leah Shone

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