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Small Change… BIG difference

Nothing says ‘new beginnings’ quite like a little refurb in your home or garden. Whether you’re getting your space ready for the holidays (either for yourself or for holiday rental) or just feel like doing a little ‘sprucing up’, here are a couple of great ideas …


Winter is well and truly here now. Are you looking for a way to warm up your home that’s both stylish and practical? Nothing warms a space up (both literally and figuratively) quite like a beautiful, little rug. A well-chosen rug can completely change the aesthetic of a room and, just like a good pair of shoes complete an outfit, so too does a rug complete a room! If you can’t quite convince your other half, why not pop into Homestead Décor and get one on appro … they’ll soon change their mind!
Details: Homestead Décor, Umhlali Old Main Road, www.homestead-decor.co.za


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Looking for something new, fresh and a little different? Why not install a beautiful new white picket fence, or replace that rusty old balustrade or gate? Afri Fencing Plus are North Coast-based fabricators and installers of Fendeck PVC Products. They fabricate, supply and install various PVC fencing designs, including balustrading, post & rail fencing, gates and many other outdoor products in various sizes to suite your individual requirements. They have a wide range of strong, durable and UV-resistant products, perfect to spruce up your garden and/or pool area and add a classy look to your outdoor space.
Details: [email protected], 082 800 7199, www.pvcbuildingproducts.co.za

If you feel like there is something missing in a space, or want to bring a pop of life into a room, why not add a wallpaper? There are a number of wallpapers on the market that are affordable, wipeable and even sometimes, reusable! Wallpapers can be customised to the tones, hues and design style you love! Let the Dandelion Design team help you find the right one for your space.
Details: www.dandelionsa.co.za, Caryn 072 7077016 or Kath 072 8258418.

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