Living green…

Let’s face it: No house is complete without plants, especially in areas where you spend a lot of time, like the living room and bedroom.

Plants are living things, which means they adapt and change, and, as any plant lover will tell you, respond to friendliness and proper care, rewarding all but the most indifferent of gardeners. Their special brand of calm soothes frazzled nerves and makes for a tranquil and appealing roommate, and because there is an almost infinite variety of types and colours from which to choose, you may mix and match to your heart’s content, finding the perfect plant for the space you have in mind.

Plants come in so many different shades of green; an endless constellation of shades ranging from the darkest olive to the brightest lime. The advantage here is that they all complement one another, and invariably any room you choose to put them in. You will need to bear in mind the issues of lighting; some prefer bright light while others don’t mind more shadowy corners – either way they introduce a breath of fresh air and life into your home. Where you place them depends not only on the light, but also your sense of aesthetic, and once again the options are endless.

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From large pots on the floor to smaller receptacles on a table, windowsill or shelf, the sky’s the limit. You can also place the plants in the furthest corners or higher up on a ledge. This way, you draw the eye away from the centre of the room and into the edges, creating an impression of spaciousness.

Another idea – and one that is all the rage at the moment – is to hang your plants. Macramé, also making a comeback, has livened itself up somewhat and has become quite stylish. Because homes are becoming smaller, floor space has to be used wisely, and adding another dimension by utilising ceilings or beams is an excellent use of otherwise dormant space. Think of it as a contemporary, sophisticated twist on the jungle theme – trailing ferns and ivy draw the eye upwards, adding atmosphere and a fresh outlook. And we all know just how effective they are when it comes to purifying the air!
So liven up your home with a bit of greenery, from finicky, pretty ferns to large, robust rubber plants. And remember, if you aren’t of the green-fingered variety, quite a few plant types are low maintenance, and will reward you with the same pleasure albeit with a bit less commitment.


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