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Small school of big change

Do you feel the urge to help others, but aren’t quite sure how to make a difference? Perhaps you should consider becoming a life coach. Highly qualified and experienced lifestyle and wellness coach Sharon Castle recently launched the Mindfit Coaching Academy.

If you think becoming a life coach is something only certain people can do, think again. “You don’t have to be someone special. You just need a calling to lead and guide others.
It’s especially important during this time, when mental health awareness is more pertinent than ever before. In truth, we are all coaching in one way or another, whether it’s our children, our colleagues or our friends. The key though, is to understand yourself first.” And that’s where Mindfit Coaching Academy comes in. Sharon has spent 38 years in the personal growth space.

She trained as a coach in 2001 and has been practising full time since 2008. With over 45 000 hours of coaching she works with clients and students from all over the world.
Sharon launched Mindfit Coaching Academy with 12 hand-picked students in April this year, and since then the school has taken off. For her first intake, Sharon offered a few students full scholarships as well as a few 25% scholarships. Fuelled by her passion for facilitating transformation in people’s lives, she is excited to watch her students do the same. “The key is to understand how the human psyche works. Once you know the underlying principals about people and where their experience of life comes from, it’s a game-changer.” Sharon says it’s important to realise that no one is ‘broken’ or needs to be fixed. “Yes, you can get guidance and be led, that’s where we come in, but ultimately you need to tap into your own wisdom and resource pool.”

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Sharon launched the Mindfit Coaching Academy when, she says, she realised the toll the pandemic was having on people’s mental health. Since then, it has evolved and become a platform for those who are simply looking for a way to live with more freedom. The first part of the coaches training course has been re-purposed into a stand-alone programme, called The Awakening. Anyone can do it, regardless of whether they want to become a coach or not.

The Awakening is essentially ‘level 1’ of the full coaching programme. It is a 10-week course and includes three days of intensive Zoom sessions and eight pre-recorded sessions with worksheets, as well as bonus sessions with international guest speakers and teachers.
The Mindfit coaches training programme is six months long and includes level 1 and level 2. After completing the course you will be a fully-accredited, qualified life coach with the Mindfit Academy. Sharon mentors her students throughout, also assisting with various skills needed to build a successful coaching business. “I teach them how to coach, how to listen and how to grow their business. They have to complete a community project (for no money) as part of the course and I personally review three of their sessions to make sure they are getting the fundamentals correct.”

Sharon’s vision for what she calls the ‘small school of big change’ is to create a community of people who want to help facilitate change and growth in others. Her next course intake is February 2022.

Details: www.mindfitlifecoaching.com, [email protected],
IG: @mindfit.lifecoaching.academy

PHOTO CREDIT: Barry Bowditch

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