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9 tips to get max cash for your car 

Letting go of your wheels is an emotional, sometimes stressful experience, but it needn’t be that way. Thorough research, smart selling and not simply accepting the first offer could get you max cash in your pocket without too much hassle.

Mark Friedman, CEO of the online vehicle selling platform, Weelee.co.za, says that in the current economic climate, no matter the reason for selling your car – whether it be upscaling to a better one, buying something else you really want or need, downsizing to a less expensive, more fuel-efficient model, to get out of a financial jam or becoming a one-car family – it pays to take the time to research all savvy selling options available to you to get maximum value.

Weelee.co.za shares nine ways to get the highest cash price for your car:

  • Value: Firstly, determine your car’s current market value. This is the value that the same vehicle as yours would typically sell for. It fluctuates quite a bit, depending on which channel you use to sell your vehicle (for example a private sale versus the sale to a car dealer), as well as other variables such as your car’s condition, mileage and service history.
  • Compare channels: Weigh up the pros and cons of each sales channel. Selling your second-hand car privately, for example, might generate you the most amount of cash, however, you are exposed to more risk from unknown parties – who could well be scammers – coming to view your car. You may also have to wait a long time before an ideal buyer comes along. A trade-in at a dealership might be a simpler way to sell your car, but you are likely to get less for it. Well-established, trusted online platforms that get you multiple offers for your car are becoming increasingly popular.
  • Service history and paperwork: A full-service history can make a massive difference in the price you get for your car. One should always ensure that a vehicle is serviced regularly at an approved service centre and the service book stamped as proof thereof. Also make sure that all paperwork, including registration documents, are available and that license discs are up to date.
  • Detail-driven: When advertising, spend time on a detailed description specifying the car’s make, model and mileage, as well as any other specifications and optional extras. This not only builds buyer confidence in your vehicle but also avoids a lot of unnecessary to-and-fro communication.
  • Quality pics: Take good quality photos, from all angles, to showcase your car. It’s smart to include pictures of the engine bay and interior as well.
  • Tidy up: Be sure to wash your car and/ or take it for a valet before taking the pictures. You want to ensure that your car looks appealing to all prospective buyers.
  • To fix or not to fix: Fixing those little dents, scrapes or minor mechanical issues sends a message that you cared for your car and could get you a higher price, especially when selling privately. However, this is sometimes unnecessary when selling to a dealer as they can often perform minor fixes at a lower cost and won’t necessarily pay you more if the fixes have already been done.
  • Honesty is key: Be honest upfront about any issues and imperfections, so that the buyer is aware. This goes a long way in building trust.
  • In contact: Make sure you are reachable on the contact details provided – missing one call or e-mail, you just might miss your best offer.
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