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The New Year is upon us and it’s time to get our wellness back on track.
Get your essential health checks booked for a healthy body and mind…

As we embark on a new year filled with aspirations for better health and well-being, consider adding chiropractic care to your list of resolutions. Beyond addressing back pain, chiropractic adjustments enhance overall body function, promoting a holistic approach to wellness. By aligning the spine and nervous system, chiropractic care can improve posture, boost immune function, and enhance energy levels. This year, prioritise self-care by scheduling regular chiropractic sessions to support your fitness goals, alleviate stress, and enhance your overall quality of life. Details: Ocean Chiropractic; 082 4344474 (Salt Rock), 079 6368348 (Umhlanga); IG: @ocean.chiropractic

Health Matters is a multidisciplinary team of female health professionals led by Dr Melize de Villiers. Visit them for a comprehensive annual check-up; advice on how to shed the holiday weight; get your mental health reviewed; or why not kick start the year with a vitamin drip? At Health Matters, the team is passionate about people. They care about each patient’s needs and look forward to greeting you with a warm smile and making you feel at home. Details: Health Matters;;
3 Douglas Crowe Drive, Ballito; 087 152 3030; FB: Health Matters

Elevate your well-being by prioritising the health of your vision through regular eye tests at every life stage. While improving eyesight is valuable, comprehensive eye tests offer more than just visual enhancement. They are crucial in the early detection of eye diseases, allowing for more effective treatment and preventing potential vision loss. Skilled optometrists not only safeguard eye health but can also identify conditions like high blood pressure, cholesterol, or diabetes, sometimes before your primary care doctor does. Schedule a comprehensive eye test with Tara-Leigh Putter at Spec-Savers Umhlanga.
Details: Spec-Savers Umhlanga Centre, 031 561 4728; Spec-Savers Oceans Mall 031 476 0301

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Dr Khabonina Nkwelo, a dedicated chiropractor at North Coast Chiropractors in Ballito, is fuelled by a passion for improving lives through chiropractic care. Committed to holistic well-being, she empowers patients on their health journey, blending expertise, compassion, and personalised one-on-one care to address neuromusculoskeletal issues. Devoted to community service, she believes in chiropractic cares’ transformative power for a healthier life. Her special interests include pregnancy care, paediatric care, posture, neck pain and headaches. Details: North Coast Chiropractors;;
iZulu Office Park, Units F108-109, Ballito; 087 354 9042; IG: northcoastchiropractors

Dr Niresha Mudaly is a psychiatrist based in Ballito. She explains that mental health comprises emotional, psychological and social wellbeing. She believes that nurturing our mental health can help prevent the development of mental illness, and allow us to enjoy a more positive and meaningful outlook on life. When it comes to taking care of mental wellbeing, her advice is to connect with people; get regular exercise; learn new skills; practise mindfulness; and be generous to others. Dr Mudaly is fully-qualified to diagnose and treat a range of mental, behavioural and emotional disorders.
Details: 031 941 6871, [email protected]



If you would like to incorporate more movement into your routine, Flow The Studio in Umhlali is well worth a visit. The passionate team of teachers offers a range of classes including Barre, HIIT, Sculpt, Pilates, Tai Chi and Yoga. Their primary goal as a studio is to be an inclusive, come-as-you-are space for women to regain their fitness and reconnect with their bodies without judgement. The studio is female-owned, run and operated – the team know what they want and is dedicated to providing it for you.
Details:; Unit 5, Makers Yard, 2 School Road, Umhlali; 071 4156531; IG: @flow_the_studio

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