Words matter


Spoken, written, signed … they shape society, inspire thought, connect people. And they have a flavour. Take South Africa. Daar Sy! Aikona. Dos. Eish. The words and sounds that bring us home … that Afrikaans rrrrollll, and the Xhosa click.

Words – local words – are what Exclusive Books Homebru 2024 is all about. A collection of local books – from light romance like Zibu Sithole’s I Do, I Don’t, to cookbooks like the wonderful Recipes to Die Live For by Sally Andrew’s Tannie Maria.

Image supplied by Exclusive Books

From Graham Coetzer’s fascinating, untold stories in Hunting With The Hawks to the wonderful Mr Hare Meets Mr Mandela by Chris van Wyk.

There are loads of events to tie in with Homebru – coffee mornings and cocktail evenings, book signings and poetry evenings and children’s parties … find the details on the Exclusive Books website where you can also order your favourite Homebru titles.