Eat more plants

There’s a massive move towards healthy eating – from those simply choosing to have one or two meatless days each week to full-on vegetarianism. One of our favourite restaurants that has fully – and quite deliciously – embraced this worldwide trend is Lexi’s … which has just opened a second little restaurant at The Zone @ Rosebank. It’s so pretty and fresh … think lush hanging plants, a growing wall and a spectacular graffiti wall. We’re addicted to the caramel smoothie bowls – arguably the best in town, they’re perfect for (but certainly not restricted to) kick-starting your busy day. The falafel wraps will surely convert a carnivore, and for those looking for sweet treats, it has the yummiest waffles and vegan ice cream imaginable! It’s all about health … without sacrificing taste! Details: 083-385-5823.

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