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Authentic dining at home

Welcome wholesome Italian cooking by Café del Sol and La Famiglia into your home with their brand new food delivery service Deli Via.

In February, Get It featured an article on Café del Sol about love, food and family… Read it here: https://bit.ly/3eLpADQ

This family-run business continues to spread its love for food and family by introducing Deli Via Café del Sol to go … which means you can get some of their Nonna’s best meals delivered on your doorstep.

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This new food delivery service has a collection of offerings from cooked pasta, cakes & baked goods to their famous homemade sauces … after all, they say, ‘We pride ourselves in fresh homemade sauces and pasta, the way Mamma taught us.’

Beat the winter chills and stock up on their frozen soups and broths – available in one litre servings. There’s nothing like a smooth and flavoursome red pepper soup to reinvigorate you (pictured). All their soups are so hearty, they’re sure to warm you up.

All their meals are prepared with fresh ingredients and are preservative-free as they pride themselves on authentic Italian recipes for you and your family.

With most of us back to our daily routines, now is the best time to order in and ‘wine’ down. Plus we all miss our much-loved favourite restaurants.

Deli Via is open from 10am to 7pm daily. Order in advance and add your delivery date and time.

Details: www.deli-via.com


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