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Refreshing bubbles and delicious hit of natural sweetness

This sounds exactly what we need this Summer. Which is why we’ll be drinking one of the wines from the De Krans premium Moscato range.

There are three to choose from – Premium White Moscato Perlé, Premium Red Moscato Perlé as well as the brand-new De Krans Muscat Nectar Alcohol – Free Sparkling – each one as delicious as the other. The idea behind this range was to embrace the muscadel grape that is so synonymous with the Klein Karoo, but to present it in a sophisticated, easy drinking and refined way that elevates the muscat flavours.

Moscato refers to the style of wine and the grapes used, Perlé refers to the slight fizz (a slightly lower pressure than sparkling wine), which gives the wine that lovely zing and refreshing taste. At R70, the wines are consumer friendly, and they have low alcohol levels (7.5 per cent for the white, 8.5 per cent for the red). This makes them perfect for a brunch … and they work brilliantly as a cocktail mixer.

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Experiment with the white and red to make a delicious sangria or add a bit of Cape Pink (one of our port style wines) to the White Moscato in a bubbly glass for a beautiful welcome drink. For those who’re not drinking, the Muscat Nectar Alcohol- Free Sparkling is an excellent choice … with a flavour profile similar to the White Moscato, it’s made from Muscadel and Hanepoot juice, resulting in a naturally semi-sweet juice with a slight fizz that is added when being bottled.

Details: dekrans.co.za

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