Let’s be honest. He does so much for us … and we don’t always show our appreciation as much as we should. So this year we’re going all out … with gifts for the most important man in our lives. From Irish Whiskey to travel bags to softest ever after-shower towels … here’s our dad-day round-up. And … a massive win coming up.


Raise your glass to dad with Bannermans Scotch Whisky. Beautifully fruity flavours to enjoy neat, on the rocks or mixed. It’s made using older, more aged malt whisky, with a blend of exceptional five to six-year-old whiskies, which gives it a bolder, more complex flavour than other blends and helps create its wonderfully smooth, rich character. R199. Details:

Sexton Irish Whiskey is a new and unexpected single malt. Rich in hue, approachable in taste and memorable in character, it’s made from 100 per cent Irish malted barley that is triple distilled in copper pot stills for smoothness. The finish is a perfect balance of dried fruits and subtle oak notes and aromas of nuts and dark chocolate followed by marzipan, spice and fruit with a mellow honeyed taste of malt and oils. The rich, sophisticated liquid is matched by its striking, hexagonal dark bottle. Details:

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Dad may not make it to The Med this year, but he can take in the very essenza dell’ Italia with Ginato Italian Gin. A sunshine-drenched way of life distilled in a bottle. It combines the finest quality produce from world-renowned terroir … think juniper berries from Tuscany, citrus bursting with Southern Italy’s unique Mediterranean sweetness, and Italian grapes grown alongside northern Italy’s idyllic lakes. Mix these and you get the very spirito d’Italia. Details:
To mix … we use Fever-Tree, which has no artificial flavourings or sweeteners. Love them!

For travellers – business or pleasure – these Thule Compression Packs are brilliant for packing smarter and staying organised. The durable compression zipper eliminates excess air between clothes to maximise space-saving – perfect for pants, shirts and sweaters. Details:

Help dad hibernate in style during the colder months. This Volpes Cloud Blanket is part of a brilliant selection at Volpes … loads of blankets and throws in a variety of colours and textures. We’re gifting our dads with a luxurious faux fur Cloud blankets (the snuggle is real), and adding some brushed cotton pillowcases and sheeting with a beautifully patterned quilt. Details:


We’ve got a hamper, overflowing with gifts from our favourite brands to give away. Happy Father’s Day, with love from Get It.
To enter, simply visit our Facebook or Instagram page, find the Lucky Dad post, and follow the instructions. Entries close June 28.

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