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Build a path to financial freedom, brick by brick

Bruce Whitfield’s Financial Freedom Pod takes the confusion, and intimidation out of personal finance with bite size, habit-forming insights & actions.

Developed in collaboration with Independent Financial Adviser Warren Ingram, the weekly 3-minute personal finance podcast draws inspiration from the principles of James Clear’s best-selling book, Atomic Habits.

This podcast is not just a podcast; it’s a powerful tool designed to empower anyone to
take control of their financial futures. The podcast is completely free, ensuring accessibility for all. In a time when financial strain is a common concern, you shouldn’t have to pay more, to find a way out of it.

Traditional personal finance information can be dense and intimidating, often leaving individuals overwhelmed and unsure where to start. This podcast takes a different approach. Bruce & Warren break down complex financial topics into easily digestible, actionable steps, making financial management approachable for everyone.

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They also understand the importance of building habits over time. Each episode proposes a practical solution to a common financial challenge and assigns just one task for listeners to implement during the week. This consistent and gradual approach ensures sustainable, healthy money habits.

Bruce & Warren’s mission is clear – they want to make a positive impact on people’s lives. By sharing “The Financial Freedom Pod” with your networks, you contribute to a collective effort to alleviate stress, fear, and frustration.

Happy and financially empowered people are not only more content in their personal lives but also more engaged and productive in society.

Start listening here.

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