Three reasons why oats should be your superfood of choice


Over the years, a number of fruits, vegetables and seeds have all earned the label of a superfood – due to the fact that they contain essential nutrients. However, in spite of their many health benefits, there is still a common misconception that eating healthy is expensive, which is why many consumers tend to overlook these healthy foods.

Now, as we head into the colder months, it’s important that consumers prioritise their health to ensure strong immune systems that have the ability to fight off any infections.

Kershnee Kallee, marketing manager Jungle, says that one very affordable superfood that has proven itself time and time again is Oats.

“Jungle Oats specifically has remained a household favourite for 100 years simply because it ticks all the boxes for those wanting to live a healthy lifestyle.”

Kallee explained why oats should play a key role in the lives of all South Africans.

Packed with health benefits

Oats, a super grain, is a natural superfood that contains a selection of health benefits that all work together to fuel the body, helping with physical and mental wellbeing. In addition to being packed with fibre to aid digestion, oats are also low in GI, which helps restore natural sustained energy and is low in sodium, which can help reduce the risk of high blood pressure – a risk factor for heart disease.

Protects the heart

Oats naturally contains beta-glucan – a type of natural fiber that helps lower blood cholesterol levels – keeping you and your heart healthy. Soluble fiber from foods such as Jungle Oats, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, can help reduce the risk of heart disease.

No need to break the bank

The versatility and affordability of oats mean that consumers can easily incorporate the superfood into their daily meal plans. In comparison to other breakfast cereals, Jungle Oats can be enjoyed for less than R1.50 per serving. Furthermore, many view oats as a breakfast option only, but this is not the case. Oats can be used in a variety of dishes, including snacks, lunches and dinners.

Kallee concludes that in addition to keeping your insides in top shape, oats have also proven to be an essential part of many people’s beauty regimes as they help to exfoliate and moisturise the skin.