Three delcious winter warmer recipes


Winter is officially upon us and with cold fronts across the country, we’re all in need of a little ‘soul’ food to warm us up.

Catherine Clark (owner and founder of the Harvest Table) offers three family favourites that taste great and boost your immunity too.

Winter Curry Pot

This easy-to-make dish is even better the next day!


4x Diced Potatoes
4x Diced or Sliced Carrots
2x Diced Onions
45ml Olive Oil
4x Tablespoons Harvest Table Bone Broth *
2x Tablespoons Curry Power
1x Tablespoon Harvest Table Tumeric Latte *
5x Freshly Chopped Tomatoes
2x Tablespoons Tomato Paste
15ml Brown or Coconut Sugar
4x Cubed Chicken Breasts
(or 4x Cups Butternut and Sweet Potato – for a meatless option)
500ml Water


1. Heat the Olive Oil in a heavy-based pot, add the Onion, Harvest Table Turmeric Latte and Curry Powder to the oil. Fry this up until your onion starts to brown.
2. Add your Chicken or Butternut and Sweet Potatoes and lightly fry them with the Onion/Curry mix for 5 minutes.
3. Add the chopped Tomatoes and Tomato Paste, add the Sugar to the pot – stir in and combine the mixture well.
4. Add your Potatoes and Carrots to the pot along with the Water and Harvest Table Bone Broth (Add the Bone Broth slowly and sprinkle it into the pot to avoid clumping).
5. Combine the ingredients and simmer until your Vegetables are cooked through and the liquid is a thicker, saucier consistency – this will take approximately 10 minutes depending on the size of your diced vegetables.

Vegetable Bake

Add a little couscous, feta and pumpkin seeds for a delicious next day lunch!


4x Cups of your Favourite Vegetables, Evenly Chopped
30ml Olive Oil
2x Tablespoons of Harvest Table Bone Broth *
2x Tablespoons of Harvest Table Mushroom Powder *
1x Tablespoon Mixed Herbs
1x Teaspoon Himalayan Salt


1. Add chopped Vegetables, Olive Oil, Mixed Herbs and Salt into a large bowl. Mix together until the Olive Oil and Seasoning has coated your Vegetables properly
2. Sprinkle one spoon at a time, of Harvest Table Bone Broth and Mushroom Powder over the Vegetables, mixing it through after each spoon is added
3. Cover the base of your baking dish or tray with baking paper and pour your Vegetables onto the tray. It’s important you have one, even layer of vegetables to ensure evenly cooked vegetables and to avoid them becoming soggy
4. Bake at 180 degrees for approximately 40 minutes. Cooking time will depend on the size of your chopped Vegetables. Check them with a fork to see if they are done, they should have a nice caramelized glaze, turning light brown on the edge of the Vegetables

Pear and chocolate pudding

This can be served deliciously on its own or with custard or cream!


125ml Coconut Sugar
125ml Brown Sugar
2x Eggs
15ml Butter
250ml Milk
30ml Caramel Essence
15ml White Vinegar
250ml Milk
250ml Flour
60ml Harvest Table Collagen Powder *
5ml Bicarb
1ml Salt
4x Small thinly sliced Pears, lightly poached or 1x Small tin of Pears sliced or diced


60ml Harvest Table Hot Chocolate **
90ml Butter
75ml Sugar
45ml Water


1. Add Cream, Sugar, Eggs and Butter.
2. Mix in the Milk, Caramel Essence and Vinegar.
3. Combine the Flour, Harvest Table Collagen Powder, Bicarb and Salt into the bowl.
4. Use a spatula to combine the wet and dry ingredients.
5. Pure the mixture into a round pie dish or 20cm x 20cm baking pan.
6. Now place the sliced pears evenly over the top of the mixture.
7. Bake at 180 degrees for 25 minutes.
8. To make the sauce: Mix together the Water, Sugar, Butter and Harvest Table Hot Chocolate in a small saucepan and heat through until all ingredients are combined and dissolved.
9. Once the pudding is baked, poke holes in it with a fork and pour the chocolate sauce evenly over the top of the pudding.