Celebrate your heritage by sharing a recipe


In celebration of national Heritage Month, Royal Baking Powder (RBP) has kicked off the #RBPHeritageExchangeChallenge.  While a recipe exchange at its core, the RBP Heritage Month campaign is, at its heart, about cultural appreciation, recognising that a family-favourite heritage dish is so much more than simply food, and embodies the story and history of the people behind it.

The campaign will challenge all South Africans to swop a heritage recipe – the classic dish of nostalgia that tells the tale of who you are and where you come from – with someone of another culture.  The aim of the exchange is to learn to bake something that you never have and to learn more about each other’s personal culture in the process.

“The Royal brand is founded on the wistful family memories that can only come from enjoying your favourite food with your favourite people around the kitchen table. We now wish to provide the gateway for all South Africans to share in these personal heritage experiences, so what better place than the kitchen to help us learn about SA’s diverse cultural melting pot?” said brand manager Marli van Zyl.

For more information about the #RBPHeritageExchangeChallenge, visit the Royal Baking Powder SA Facebook page.