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Hello Summer … with Suzelle and a Rock Shandy

Sunshine, smiles and cocktails. Long summer days are – finally – here. It’s been a particularly hard year and a half, so it’s safe to say we’re all excited to start entertaining at home. And what better way is there to refresh your guests than by mixing up the perfect thirst quencher, the Angostura Rock Shandy?

This delightful, sparkling, alcohol free beverage has been a mainstay at South African restaurants, country clubs and homes for generations. Though it seems that everyone has their twist of the classic recipe of soda water, lemonade and ANGOSTURA® aromatic bitters, one thing has remained the same… the joy of sharing it with great company. And South Africa’s handy-lady herself Suzelle agrees.

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The quirky South African vlogger Suzelle won the hearts of South Africans with her hilarious SuzelleDIY YouTube series. Now, she’s bringing her brand of DIY to the cocktail world by getting hands-on with the essential bar ingredient for that extra depth of flavour, Angostura aromatic bitters. Because it’s not a true Angostura Rock Shandy if it doesn’t contain a few dashes from the can’t-miss bottle, featuring an oversized label and distinct yellow cap.

So, while Suzelle handles the how-to, Angostura aromatic bitters will be ensuring that you entertain in style this summer. They’re giving away one of four chic drinks trolleys worth R5 000 each, fully stocked with everything you need to mix with style for your friends and family. All you have to do is visit www.AngosturaRockShandy.co.za, watch Suzelle’s guide to making the perfect Angostura Rock Shandy and then enter. It’s as easy as that. The competition closes 30 November 2021. Terms and conditions apply.

For deets and cocktail recipes visit www.angosturabitters.com


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