A bond like no other

Maxine D’Amico, a thriving businesswoman and entrepreneur, acknowledges her father’s undeniable influence on her life and how their close relationship has shaped her outlook on life.

Maxine D’Amico’s father, Domenico D’Amico, has played an undeniable role in shaping her life and career. As a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur, Maxine attributes much of her success to the close relationship she shares with her father.

According to Maxine, her father has been a constant source of support and inspiration throughout her life.

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From a young age, he encouraged her to pursue her passions and never give up on her dreams. This guidance helped Maxine to develop a strong work ethic and a drive to succeed, which has carried her through her career to this day.

We had a conversation with Maxine, who holds the position of Inland Promotions and Advertising Manager at SPAR and discussed her personal life, career, and bond with her father.

A thriving marketing communication professional

Maxine is a marketing communication professional with over 13 years of experience in the advertising and marketing industry.

Her career began after she completed her Honours in Marketing Communication and started working in the industry.

Today, she continues to thrive in her current position, but it wasn’t always an easy road.

Maxine’s job is full of innovation and people, which she loves. She enjoys finding creative and unique ways to solve challenging problems. However, her unique thinking and boldness can sometimes pose challenges for her.

Nevertheless, she persists and continues to deliver excellent results.

One of the things that not many people know about the marketing and advertising industry is that it’s all about making magic. ‘The industry has the power to bring just about anything alive to emote feelings and put smiles on people’s faces through advertising, communication, and promotional strategies,’ she says.

It’s a unique and rewarding industry, where professionals like Maxine can use their creativity to make an impact.

When asked about advice for others, Maxine shared a quote that she loves: ‘Never look down on those who look up to you,’ by Brand Pretorius. She believes that it’s essential to treat others with kindness and respect always.

‘My advice to others is to always follow their dreams, work hard, and to believe in themselves and finding the magic.’

‘Enjoy the journey, even during the tough times, as they provide opportunities for growth and learning,’ says Maxine.

Her career in marketing communication has been fulfilling and rewarding. She enjoys the innovation and creativity that her work brings, and she continues to push herself to deliver excellent results.

Lessons and memories

Growing up, Maxine was often referred to as a “daddy’s girl.” She considers herself blessed to share a unique bond with her dad, who has taught her countless valuable lessons.

One lesson that stands out is the importance of being a “Miss Fix It” and finding solutions to problems.

This mindset, coupled with her father’s encouragement to pursue her dreams and think big, has helped shape Maxine’s personal growth and development.

Maxine’s father’s support has also impacted her choices and decisions throughout her life. His unwavering belief in her abilities has given her the foundation to make decisions that prioritise her happiness and personal growth while supporting others.

Their relationship has only developed and deepened over time, leading to more meaningful conversations and closeness.

Family is a top priority for Maxine’s father, and he has instilled in her the importance of cherishing family time, moments, and memories. Many of Maxine’s most cherished memories with her father are centered around the dinner table, learning Italian words, telling jokes, and sharing big ideas and general thoughts.

Maxine’s relationship with her father has shaped her ideas about family, work, and relationships. She values putting God first, family time, and fighting hard for what she believes in. These values and qualities are ones she hopes to pass on to her own children, inspired by her relationship with her father.

On Father’s Day, Maxine spoils her dad with a phone call expressing her gratitude, love, and appreciation, along with a thoughtful gift. It’s the little things, like expressing gratitude and cherishing memories, that matter most to Maxine and her father.

Her relationship with her father has been a significant influence in her life. Her father’s unwavering support and valuable lessons have shaped her personal growth and development.

A look into her personal life

Maxine is known for her innovative and creative problem-solving skills in the advertising and marketing industry. However, there’s more to her than just her career. Let’s take a closer look at her personal life.

Born and raised in Carletonville, Maxine spent her childhood in Krugersdorp before moving to Fourways. She is one of two children and has one older brother whom she affectionately refers to as “Big Brother.”

She attended Monument Primary and Krugersdorp High School before studying for three years to obtain an undergraduate degree and one year for an Honours degree in Marketing Communication.

Maxine enjoys eating and spending time with friends and family.

She describes a typical day in her life as that of a firefighter on rollerblades with a bag full of confetti; always on the go and busy but never forgetting to find time for fun.

When Maxine does find some spare time, she enjoys socialising, going for a casual run or yoga sessions, and traveling. ‘I also love dancing, any kind, all kinds, and anywhere,’ she says.

Maxine finds inspiration in creating magic and making it happen, which drives her decision-making process. She describes herself as half-woman, half-warrior, with a wild spirit, curious heart, an untamed soul, magic maker and someone who loves people and sunshine.

Text: ELZAAN PIENAAR. Photo: WILLEM BOTHA. Make-up and hair: Follicle on the Move.

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