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Comedy meets tension meets bone-chilling thrills in this week’s book club selection

The Prophet and The IDIOT by Jonas Jonasson

Let’s kick off with the comedy. After all … we need a little light relief. And there’s nothing better than this feel-good adventure from Jonas Jonason. Set in Sweden in the Summer of 2011, The Prophet and The IDIOT sees a self-taught astrophysicist calculate that the atmosphere ill collapse on September 7, around 21.20 to be precise. She, along with a master chef and a 75-year-old widow who has made millions living a double life on social media as a  young influencer, race through Europe, making the most of the time they have left. And what can go wrong, does. Even the end of the world doesn’t go according to plan. Hysterical. Harper Collins UK

The list by Yomi Adegoke

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In Yomi Adegoke’s THE LIST, a high profile journalist is about to marry the love of her life. Ola and Michael are a dream pair – the ‘couple goals’ of their social networks. Until one morning they both wake up to the same message – ‘Oh my god, have you seen The List?’.  What began has an anonymous allegation about abusive men, circulated in secret to protect other women, has now been published online. And Michael’s name is on it! A can’t-put-it-down debut novel. HarperCollins UK

The Returned by Amanda Cassidy

The thriller of the week must surely be Amanda Cassidy’s THE RETURNED. A babysitter. A devastating fire. A grieving mother. And a picture-perfect village full of dark secrets. Add to that a son who’s seemingly come back from the dead, and you’ve a bone-chilling, haunting read. Canelo

Lioness by Emily Perkins

In Emily Perkins’ LIONESS, Theresa – who came from humble beginnings – has grown used to the life of luxury after marrying into an empire-building family. But when rumours of corruption build around her husband’s latest property development, she begins to look at her privileged world with new eyes. She’s simultaneously drawn towards the lifestyle of her neighbour Claire, who believes she’s discovered the secret to living with freedom and authenticity, free from the mundanity of domesticity … a permissive zone of ecstatic release. Bloomsbury


These, and more book club reads, from exclusivebooks.co.za

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