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Let your toes do the talking

A pedi is not just a four-letter word you use when your heels crack or your nail polish chips off.

When you go for a professional pedi, your therapist should be able to treat any condition you may experience, be it dry, cracked skin to more severe symptoms due to diabetes.

Henriette van Nieuwenhuizen, owner of Kokanje Wellbeing said she only uses Footlogix Professional Pedicure System as the ingredients are absorbed faster and deeper into the skin for visible results within a few days

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Footlogix® is the world’s first and only Pediceutical® foot care line offering innovative products that provide effective and transformational results. Footlogix empowers professionals with the ability to elevate pedicures to a new standard of excellence.


Your feet carry you around for a lifetime. There are numerous kinds of foot problems resulting from today’s changing lifestyles. These problems can be easily addressed by using the right foot care products. Use this visual guide to learn more about the most common problems in the skin and nails of the feet and their corresponding Footlogix Solutions.


A callus is a protective build-up of the skin resulting from abnormal or recurrent pressure and friction as its natural protective mechanism.

There are times when internal or external factors disrupt the equal distribution of body weight on your feet. Areas of the foot that are not used to that kind of repeated pressure tend to harden or thicken as a defensive measure. Incorrect footwear is also a common cause of calluses on the soles of the feet and sides of the big toe.

Having healthy and beautiful feet year-round is important. We do not want you to be embarrassed to wear sandals in public.


Cracked heels are unsightly, uncomfortable and may even be painful. Also referred to as heel fissures, they result from dry skin accompanied by thickened skin and unsightly calluses. Cracked skin may also appear on the ball of your foot. For these extreme conditions, you need an intense hydrating and softening, lightweight formula that adds moisture to the skin and heals effectively.


Dry skin commonly appears on the soles of the feet and if left unchecked can have serious consequences for many people, especially for individuals with diabetes. Dry skin leads to micro lesions which can potentially lead to bacterial, fungal or viral infections which may result in severe consequences. Traditional oil-based products often interfere with the skin’s own natural processes by acting occlusive (to close up, block or seal) but in some cases can also accelerate the destruction or maceration of the skin on the feet. Dry skin on the feet requires humectants and added moisture, not oils.


Your feet are an important part of you. They carry you around for a lifetime, run a marathon, take a stroll at the beach, get you to your desired destination – they help you carry out just about all of your daily activities. In fact, your feet have 4 times more sweat glands than elsewhere on your body; at times they can become sweaty and emanate an unpleasant odour.


When excessive perspiration from your feet absorbs into shoes and socks, it creates an optimal environment for bacteria to grow. This can be the cause of odour in shoes. Bacteria double every 20 minutes at room temperature. In an environment like shoes, which can be warm, dark and moist, bacteria might multiply at an uncontrollable level. It is advisable to keep footwear bacteria-free at all times especially if you suffer from this problem.


Moist, itchy peeling skin between toes and on the soles of the feet may be a sign of a fungal infection, also known as Athlete’s Foot. It commonly occurs in people whose feet are very clammy or sweaty. There are chances of picking up a fungus in public areas if you walk barefoot, where the infection can typically spread.


Dry, sandpaper-like, rough skin (skin that catches) or skin prone to fungal infections can develop into very severe problems, especially for people with diabetes or atopic dermatitis. Rough skin around your heels can become so severe that it can cause deep cracks and infections. Dry feet exposed in public areas such as, unclean foot baths, unclean salons and spas can develop dry, unsightly, flaking and rough skin. Proper hydration of the feet can help to keep skin healthy and allow it to do its job of “protection.”


There are 250,000 sweat glands in each foot and they can produce half a cup of sweat per day! If your feet are slipping because they are too clammy or wet or your socks are moist half-way through the day, you need an effective foot care formula that really works around-the-clock. Proper moisture balance is essential for healthy feet.


Tired, heavy legs from walking or standing for long periods of time can become very uncomfortable. Seniors may experience swollen ankles at the end of the day. When your legs ache and you are not able to identify where the discomfort is coming from, use a formula that increases the micro-circulation in your feet and lower legs.

Kokanje Wellbeing is running a special currently and a medical foot treatment will only cost you R300. It does not stop there …. You also get 50% off gel toenails ….. And that is not all; you also get a free foot mask.

Phone Henriette on 074 189 1898 for an appointment or visit Kokanje Wellbeing at 6 Betsie Street.

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