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Modern Pub Grub – The Robsons way!

Let’s face it, nothing quite beats a good pub meal and a freshly craft brewed beer… especially on a Friday afternoon! We were treated to just that at The Market’s popular and proudly local Robsons at the Ballito Lifestyle Centre recently.

The trendy spot has everything you want from a cool hangout – a happening vibe, TV screens for the boys to watch the rugby, scrumptious food and, of course, ice-cold, home-brewed craft beer on tap!

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As soon as we arrived the team started off with a proper pub grub must-have – a Shake and Bacon (see what they did there?). This dig-in-with-your-fingers meal is the perfect starter to share. Think fresh potato chips and loads of bacon bits smothered in the creamiest cheese sauce. You definitely need at least one beer with this one. Ladies, if you are not a fan of the hoppy drink, the Cherry beer is must-try! It is pink (yasss), sweeter than most beers and beautifully refreshing. If you want to keep it light and aren’t in the mood for alcohol, their non-alcoholic drinks are just as delicious!

When it came to the mains, we tried out basically everything – and it was all amazing!
If you are going carb-free, the Eagle Powers bunless burger is a must. The succulent, 200g beef patty sits on a bed of healthy greens and is topped off with Robson’s Ranch Sauce. Yum!

Not big on red meat? Wings of Glory is your answer then. These chicken popsicles (how cute?) are tender, crispy and easy to eat. Sprinkled with sesame seeds and completed with horse radish sauce on the side, these little guys are great as a meal or to share as a starter.

The Green Machine is a great option for the ‘veggies’ out there. This stacked, meat-free meal is filled with lots of different veggies held together with a spinach parcel bun and stuffed with their secret pesto mix.

Pizza lovers should definitely try the Wham Bham, Thank you Lamb (you gotta love these names). This juicy pizza is topped with 160g of mini lamb meatballs drenched in an Italian Napolitana sauce with mozzarella, red onion, red pepper, fresh feta and a drizzle of tzatziki and mint dressing – mouth-watering stuff! Hungry yet? See you at Robsons!

Text and photographs: Elana Wagner

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