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Kitchen at Alchemy is open

If slow, Prosecco-inspired brunches and tasty tapas-style lunches appeal to you, then make sure The Kitchen at Alchemy is your next stop. The Get It team were invited to try a selection of small, plated dishes recently . . . and a mimosa, or two!

Every aspect, from the contemporary décor to the curated wine selection and delicate balance of flavours created for each dish served at Kitchen at Alchemy, has been carefully thought out. This is the place to come and enjoy the finer things in life.

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Owned by Alex, Theo and Paolo (who also own the popular Alchemy bar next door), The Kitchen at Alchemy brings a slightly different offering to its patrons.

“Our initial plan was to open a distillery with a small area for tasting, but then Alchemy bar just took off! The Kitchen at Alchemy is a place for more discerning customers to enjoy a ‘refined’, relaxed experience.”

It’s all about relaxing with a few good drinks while slowly working your way through the menu (created by Umdloti’s Mundo Vida restaurant’s head chef Duke Garraty).

Their weekend all-day brunch concept (also known as ‘Martini Time’) allows guests to sit back and enjoy low-alcohol drinks – all day long!

The food we tried was all perfectly balanced and full of flavour. Unique dishes such as Polenta Fries (with bacon bits, jalapeno, ricotta, cheddar and sriracha) and Oxtail Bitterballen (with spicy tomato and coriander chutney) offer some exciting flavours, and the Kingklip and Prawn Cakes (with pineapple salsa) and Pork Belly Bao (succulent soya and honey-glazed pork belly with pickled cucumber) are sure to be hot favourites.

Focussing on wine and sparkling wine, Kitchen at Alchemy also has a ‘wine of the week’ concept. “Often people want to taste new wines without having to buy the whole bottle, and now they can,” says Alex.

Details: Kitchen at Alchemy, Ballito Lifestyle Centre, 032 648 0032,

Text: Leah Shone

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