Especially a PS moment. And what better way to send a love message this Valentine’s than with a Cadbury choccie!
This season of love, Cadbury PS invites readers to ‘Sing a Love Note’ to their loved ones … and they just may have their love note performed by the band Simple Stories in the #FindLoveInYourLanguage campaign, and may even see their love note showcased on a digital billboard! Now how special is that!
So be it self-love, puppy love, boitjie love, squad love, sister love, mama love, papa love –find the Cadbury pre-loaded filter on Facebook and Instagram, choose your love language and sing your heart out. Tag your loved one and Cadbury P.S. and share your love note to your feed.  PS: Goodluck!

Details: Cadbury or Instagram:@CadburyPS



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