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The lowdown on bone broth

It’s been used for centuries to heal and prevent illness. The consumption of bone broth has gained popularity in recent years, becoming something of a health and nutrition ‘buzzword’. We chatted to Salt Rock husband and wife team and owners of Naked Bones, Stephen and Ros Ivey.

Both Ros and Stephen are intrepid entrepreneurs who are also passionate about food. Which is why it made sense for them to join forces 12 years ago, combining their expertise to grow their private and corporate catering business, Olive Twist.

With Ros as the chef and Stephen handling the systems and controls, the couple took another leap together in February 2019 when they bought Naked Bones bone broth. After a year of running the business successfully, the couple have now also launched Naked SupaFoods – their umbrella brand under which they intend to grow new lines of health products alongside Naked Bones.

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The Salt Rock couple have been married for 10 years and have two children, Nathan and Matthew, who are 9 and 7 years old. Asked how they successfully manage to work together as a couple, they agree that they work best when they ‘stay in their own lanes’ and don’t overlap or tell each other how to do things. “We understand each other’s strengths and how very differently we are wired,” says Ros. “We communicate all the time and regularly ‘check in’ on our marriage to keep it protected. We also enjoy a lot of ‘chill time’ at home and on the beach.”

We had begun to know and understand our customers and their needs well, and we saw an opportunity to break into the health food market. Bone broth is something we have kept in our freezer for years, so we know the product well. To us it wasn’t just an ‘on-trend’ product, but rather something we believed we could grow and improve on. We love the versatility and have found numerous ways to use it in our own home.

We have a broad product range, which includes bone broths (beef, chicken, lamb, fish), sipping broths (beef, turmeric & ginger and coconut lime chicken) and a vegan broth range (Asian, bean and spicy). We also have two new and improved beef and lamb sipping broths as well as a baby bone broth and raw juice and bone broth combos on the horizon.

Bone broth is both food and medicine. It is actively absorbed immediately (due to the fact that all the goodness has been extracted through slow heating over a 48-hour period) and can easily form part of your daily routine. You cannot overdose on it. It can be used in any food and can be given in its pure form to babies and kids. It is highly nutritious, has zero fat, sugar, salt, flavourants or preservatives. Bone broth is great for everyday use, but is also healing, and often prescribed as part of post-op recovery programmes or to aid gut and joint issues, inflammation and autoimmune diseases. It also detoxifies, cleanses and combats fatigue and mineral deficiency.

We incorporate bone broth into our weekly family meals in various ways. You can cook it with all of your grains and starches (pasta, quinoa, couscous, rice, mash etc). It basically replaces the water and the flavour is amazing. You can have it as a meal on its own (add some onion, garlic, carrot and sweet potato for a healthy bowl), or incorporate the broth into stews, sauces and curries. We often use our vegan broths to make veg bowls or Asian curries for meat-free nights. We use it to cook egg dishes (instead of milk or cream) and use the sipping broths as a ‘back bone’ for meals. We use them as a base for gravy or sauces for roasts and even sip the broth between meals when feeling ill or need a quick ‘pep-up’. Bone broth shouldn’t be like taking horrible tasting ‘medicine’. It should become a staple in your overall weekly intake. The flavours are surprisingly clean and don’t overpower a dish, just gently add flavour.

Incorporate bone broth into stews, sauces and curries

We supply Home Grown and Wozza at the Ballito Lifestyle Centre, Wellness Warehouse and Wozza at the Ballito Junction and Umhlanga SuperSpar and Hope Meats in Durban North.

Details: 082 493 7681, [email protected], www.nakedbones.co.za

Text: Leah Shone | Photographs: Chris Allan Photo

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