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Property management made easy

Infinite Property Management (IPM) is known for providing a complete management solution to sectional title and shareblock schemes, as well as home owners associations. We speak to director in charge of operations, Michelle Hoffman, about her love for the industry.

Born and raised in KZN, Michelle grew up with four brothers and matriculated from Howick High. After a short stint as a paramedic, she discovered her calling in financial management when she started working in Sectional Title Property Management in 1990. Since then, her financial experience and knowledge of sectional title legislation has grown to confidently guide trustees, directors and managers in the effective management of their property affairs.

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The Hillcrest mother of two adult daughters, and first-time granny to an adorable grandson, says she is fortunate to have an incredible husband and family, as well as a close ‘family’ of colleagues, each of whom bring their individual professional skills to the table. Michelle tells us more about IPM’s hands-on management style, which has had an integral role in the company’s continued success.

How did IPM come to be what it is today?
After working for several property management companies for 18 years, I was offered a shareholding in Infinite Property Management (formerly Gate Properties). My partner, Michael Wildner (who practices as an auditor, known as Wildner & Co) and I reinvented and renamed the business, so it is fair to say that a lot of hard work and dedication is what has grown this company into what it is now. Registered chartered accountants who operate an independent auditing firm from the same business park as IPM, Wildner and Co. supports IPM’s business with their in-depth accounting and auditing knowledge and experience. This strategic partnership and convenient close proximity of their offices provides IPM’s clients with the benefit of accessing such expertise as and when required. We have in fact more than doubled the portfolio size in the 12 years. It has taken a long time to establish, but, we know we have the best team for the job.

What sets IPM apart?
We are smaller than the bigger and more commercialised businesses, and therefore offer a more personalised service to our clients. As a body of staff, we are not just colleagues or employees; we are a family who share the same mindset for building a successful business where our clients and their needs come first. Everyone at IPM has a job to do, but what makes our team unique is that if one is unable, there is always someone else willing to step in and help. We have the true foundations of what makes a good team, because without a good team, service to clients is non-existent.

What services does IPM offer?
In brief, we offer a turnkey property management service for private, commercial, industrial or retail property owners. Property ownership is, in many cases, a person’s greatest asset, and effective property management is paramount. A dedicated team, consisting of an experienced property portfolio manager, financial accountants and administrative staff, will manage all aspects of your property management service requirements.

How does the financial side come into play?
The financial services arm of our Property Management Division offers the full range of support, including accounting and bookkeeping services (tailored to the client’s requirements) and management of funds on behalf of clients. Like any other investment, accurate and up-to-date financial information is vital to enable a client to make informed decisions on their property portfolio.

We also specialise in administration, secretarial and advisory services for sectional title and shareblock schemes, as well as all insurance needs, including helping trustees with determining the replacement value of units for insurance purposes.

With our efficient and appropriate use of technology, our computer systems are designed to allow online access to management information like minutes, rules, plans, levy statements and management information, in a user-friendly and informative manner.

Give Infinite Property Management a call today on 0861 70 80 90 and let them assist in the management of your property affairs. Alternatively, e-mail them on [email protected]

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