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Happiness in the kitchen and on your toes this March!


There is nothing quite like the feeling of using leftovers to create an entirely new, delicious meal! But, while these sarmies are a great day-after solution for leftover roast, there is nothing stopping you from roasting a smaller piece of pork for the sole purpose of making these sandwiches.

Recipe: Roasted pork open sandwiches with rocket, horseradish cream and pickled red onion (serves 4): You’ll need: Leftover pork roast, room temperature, sliced as thinly as you can; for the pickled red onion: 125ml white wine vinegar, 125ml water at room temperature, 15ml (1 tablespoon) sugar, 7,5ml salt, 5ml whole peppercorns, 1ml crushed dried chili flakes, 2,5ml mustard seeds, 1 red onion, peeled and finely sliced into half-moons or rounds.
To make: In a medium-size jug, mix the vinegar, water, sugar, salt, peppercorns, chili flakes and mustard seeds. Stir until the salt and sugar has dissolved. Pack the sliced onions tightly into a clean jar, then top with the pickling liquid. Cover with a lid, then let it stand for at least an hour before serving or refrigerate and use within a week.
For the horseradish cream, you’ll need: 250ml thick sour cream, 30ml horseradish, 10ml Dijon mustard.
To make: Mix all the ingredients together and set aside to top the sandwiches.
To make the sandwiches: arrange sliced, dense rye bread on plates, top with rocket, horseradish cream and a generous heap of roasted pork and pickled red onion.
Serve at room temperature, with a chilled glass of Spier Seaward Chardonnay (available at from leading retailers or online at shop.spier.co.za, R115.

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Every piece of Le Creuset kitchenware is beautiful, in our opinion. But the new classic Olive Branch collection is something special. Each piece is embossed with an olive branch motif and finished in a soft matte white texture and, as with all their products, the collection is made from durable stoneware, which blocks moisture absorption to prevent cracking, crazing and rippling. The range can be used in the microwave, fridge or freezer and is also dishwasher safe! We absolutely the love the oval serving platter … but the multi-bowl and rectangular dish with lid are just as beautiful. Available at Le Crueset at Gateway Theatre of Shopping and www.lecreuset.co.za



A whole pint of Magnum? Um, yes please! We are delighted, even a little thrilled, with the idea of tucking into a tub of yumminess that is the new Magnum Pint. This takes ‘me time’ to a whole new level! These little ‘pints of joy’ combine the crunch of their delectable Belgian chocolate that lines every inch of the pint to create a shell which contains the creaminess of their vanilla ice-cream to produce the most indulgent chocolate and ice cream experience. The pints also have chocolate pieces inside for additional texture, luxury and deliciousness. Magnum Pints are available in three flavours – Almond, Classic and White. Needless to say we’re stocking up! Available at Spar, Checkers and Pick and Pay stores.



As with many things, we are slowly become more aware of the consequences of the choices we make as consumers, even when it comes to fashion. ‘Conscious fashion’ is more than just a buzz word and the team at Sexy Socks are fully embracing the concept. While it’s hard to clearly define conscious fashion, the general consensus is that it basically means buying products from brands that are dedicated to sustainable processes and practices, have a strong code of ethics and are on a mission to impact the world positively. It’s about keeping social and environmental concerns top of mind and using business to give back. We just love the Sexy Socks one-for-one goal, where for every single pair of socks sold, they give a pair of socks to a child in need. We also just love Sexy Socks!
Details: www.buysexysocks.com

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