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It’s impossible to focus on one’s overall health without taking into consideration your mental well-being as well. As we begin our journey into a brand new year, we asked North Coast brain-based lifestyle and wellness coach of over 30 years, Sharon Castle, for some simple tips to start things off right.

The past two years have been intense, to say the least, and many people are feeling apprehensive about what the year ahead may hold. Sharon, who also recently launched the Mindfit Coaching Academy, says it’s important that we try and focus on these few tips that have emerged after coming out of the pandemic …

Be guided by life
Life is always happening FOR you. Feeling like life always happens TO you creates a victim mentality. This can never be true since you are a part of nature and, like nature, there is a rhythm and a flow to life. Seasons change and tides are guided by the moon. You too are guided and if you allow yourself to quieten and slow down a little, you will sense the guidance.

Slow down and become quiet
If you quieten your mind, even occasionally, you will hear more, see more and know more than you’ve ever heard, seen and known before. It doesn’t matter how you do this: meditation, a slow walk, relaxing, listening to music – anything that allows you to become still and quiet.

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Your wisdom is not better than my wisdom – and vice versa
Every single human has their own wisdom for their life. We all need guidance sometimes, but trusting your gut means knowing that what you sense is right for you, probably is. Wisdom never feels fearful, confusing or dangerous. It feels like a knowing that you might not be able to describe, but just know. It’s a feeling!

Be okay with whatever shows up in your life
Life is unpredictable, I’m sure you’ve noticed! It’s not helpful or intelligent to resist what and how things occur. Some things are not in your control. That does not include being bullied, coerced or forced into anything you do not agree with, do not want or do not understand. Then you should speak up and show up always and only with love and a willingness to listen.

Listen to hear
Most people listen to respond and defend, deny or compare. Can you listen just to listen? One of my mentors says, “most people need a good listening to rather than a good talking to.”

The Mindfit Academy offers a 10-week introduction course, called The Awakening, designed for anyone who wants to fully step into the life that is already waiting for them and learn how to let go of stress, anxiety and worry. There is also the full Mindfit coach training programme.

Details: www.mindfitlifecoaching.com, [email protected]

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