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Imagine you could gain access to your child’s brain and identify how they make decisions, solve problems and learn based on their unique thinking style. Janine Cloete, an NBI brain profiling facilitator based in Ballito, believes this is possible.

Janine, a proud mom of two teenagers, has over a decade of experience as an NBI brain profiling facilitator. She explains that there are four different quadrants in the brain, each representing a different style of thinking. Everyone has thinking preferences and the NBI brain profile is a diagnostic tool that identifies which part of the brain you prefer to use. This ultimately identifies your unique thinking style.

According to Janine, parents who find themselves struggling with their child when it comes to homework and studying, as well as those who are looking to better understand their child’s unique strengths and learning style, can benefit from brain profiling.
“The NBI brain profiling assessment tool can help you navigate these challenges and provide a tailored approach for your child’s educational journey,” she explains. “By identifying your child’s ideal learning environment, studying techniques and subjects that align with their thinking preferences, you are empowered to make informed decisions that set your child up for success.”

If your child needs help choosing subjects, or is unsure about their career path after school, an assessment can provide insights into their strengths and guide them towards informed decisions. The brain profile assessment can be done online and the results are then shared with the parents and child in an hour-long feedback session.
According to Janine, there are numerous benefits to undergoing a brain profiling assessment. By identifying your child’s dominant brain quadrant, and therefore their thinking style, it’s possible to understand how they think, communicate, make decisions and solve problems. You can then ascertain what study methods and learning environment will work best for them; identify which subjects they will naturally excel in; and identify their ideal career path. “Every child is unique and has a different way of retaining information,” says Janine. “Their study methods and learning environment should be in alignment with their thinking preference to maximise their academic performance.”
If your child’s thinking preference falls within the R1 quadrant, Janine says they would naturally enjoy taking risks. “This child will not be concerned about rules; their minds will wander off and they could be seen as a day dreamer. They could get bored with routines and like to try new things,” she explains.

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The L2 thinker, on the other hand, is known as the organiser and loves to plan. “They prefer clear guidelines, have a to-do list and are normally punctual. They like an organised and stable environment,” says Janine.
The L1 thinker is performance driven, and can be quite critical of themselves or others. “This child can come across as bossy,” she says. “They’ll have a poker face, be straight to the point, and won’t show emotions easily.”
The R2 quadrant child tends to be people-oriented.
“This type of thinker tends to be aware of how others feel, likes touch and shows a lot of affection,” explains Janine. “They also tend to know how others feel and can be
quite sensitive.”

Details: www.thinkingbrains.co.za, 061 4567 677, [email protected], FB: thinkingbrains

The 4  different quadrants and the thinking styles they represent:

Details: www.thinkingbrains.co.za, 061 4567 677, [email protected], FB: thinkingbrains

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